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World War 3 Allies Vs Enemies and Predictions

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World War 3

War, scenario, World War 3
Scene:  World War May be we will die before World War 3 Appearnece. May be we will see the World War May be or May be not. But its sure that World War 3 will happen.

World War 3
World War 3

September 1, 2021 – November 11, 2023

World War 3 Allies
World War 3 Enemies
World War 3 Predictions
World War 3 Nuclear Exploitation fear
World War 3 Peaceful countries
World War 3 Allies vs Enemies
World War 3 Spark reason
World War 3 Blocks
World War 3 chances

All parts of the world, except Antarctica and Africa, bordering parts of the Congo.

the reason
Syria – Turkish border conflict
Russia and China are hostile to domestic issues
China’s extended policy
Tension is rising due to fear of economic collapse
Continuous intervention from Pakistan to India and Kashmir
Pakistani military training for terrorists


South Korea under the unified government of democracy
Democracy has spread all over the world.
Global peace is about to come true.
The Middle East is becoming a huge consequence zone.
The Eastern European Group cooperates with the new NATO.
The EU is no longer a powerful ally of the United States.
In fact, the overall influence of the United States is shrinking, but its core values ​​of democracy and human rights are very common.
Russia is divided.
Belligerent nations

NATO – NATO, etc.

American flag United States
Canada Canada flag
Indian flag India
European Flag European Union
Flag United Kingdom United Kingdom
French flag France
Flag Germany Germany
and many more

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Flag Australia Australia
National Flag of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Iraqi flag Iraq
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Russian flag
Peoples Republic of China Flag
Serbian flag Serbia
Flag of Armenia, Armenia
Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan
Syria flag Syria
Iran flag Iran
North Korean flag North Korea
Pakistani flag
and many more
Remember, the SCO is divided into two factions later.

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West Papua
Islamic Republic of Mindanao
Muslim extremists
Troops (soldiers)

$158,200 million
Victims (soldiers and civilians)

957 million

Note: This is a future fictional article. Like many articles on this site, this does not mean that they are considered as actual predictions for the future. Please do not call or complain to unsuccessful writers. Thank you.
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In the early 21st century, regional tensions in many countries are escalating, especially in the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Moreover, in many parts of the world, the economic crisis is imminent.

Conservative Islamic countries such as Iran have begun to establish diplomatic relations with more Western countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Syria is undergoing a fatal civil war between the government and the democratic forces and seeks help from Russia and China. However, the United States says that if Russia and its allies openly support Syria, the United States will act.

In the first decade of this century, China, Russia, and other countries with anti-Western ideas discovered a new military economic group, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Its main goal is to confront and compete with NATO.

In response, Southeast Asian countries are friendly to NATO’s movement to improve its military capabilities. In North America, Mexico received the support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the Mexican drug war, and Mexico became a friend of the Shanghai organization. At the same time, Turkey is experiencing a border conflict with Syria.

All these tensions and differences between pro-western and anti-western forces are leading to the massive expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and many anti-Western countries have joined. By the end of 2020, the hostile attitude of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) toward NATO has been increasing and global conflicts are imminent.

Despite efforts to achieve peace, the economic and military forces of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have managed to re-differentiate the world in the “first” and “second” worlds, this time between the two alliances.

Some war notes
Throughout the war, technical wars caused extensive electronic piracy, erroneous military deployments, and similar confusion everywhere. This is not included in history because it is so common that it is impossible for everyone to fit here.
Space wars are also happening. China’s Gods satellite station is located in Washington, DC, “by chance,” and the International Space Station is being bombed by Russian terrorists. Small incidents can also happen.
Of course, the World war 3 is
On September 1, 2029, a member of the Shanghai organization invaded Korea in an attempt to unite North Korea again. A few hours later, the United States declared war on North Korea. Two weeks later, NATO all announced war on North Korea.

China has always remaine neutral, but in the end it force to assist North Korea. Otherwise, the entire Korean Peninsula as a common starting point for invading China will be controll by the West.

Because. Because. Because. Because. Because. Because. Because. Because. Because. Because.

Because of this, the SCO and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaties are being used interchangeably. North Korea launched a blitzkrieg against South Korea and quickly gained focus. A few days later, when Iran declared war on Saudi Arabia, war broke out in the Middle East and it hoped to promote the failed economy by seizing oil reserves. Turkey started to invade Syria with the support of Iraq. Iran’s invasion of Iraq is the gateway to help Syria.

Israel declared war on Iran to prevent Iraq and Syria from launching any possible attacks on its borders, but the chaotic Palestinians have the ability to split.World War 3 2030
In Asia, China’s economic ties with its neighbors (ASEAN, Japan, India, Taiwan and China) have prevented the war between them. The heavy industry that was once developed in China is turning to India and India, leading to an increase in living standards in China and its neighboring countries.

Despite economic difficulties, China can restore its economy during the great movement of the First Movement in New China. Therefore, this war is not prominent in East Asia. The peaceful reform imposed on China’s economic and environmental momentum has allowed the government to continue to be communist and despotism, allowing small political parties and regional democracies to emerge, greatly improving China’s regional stability. Overall, East Asia has a good influence in the war.

World War 3 2031
Due to the collapse of Venezuela, Chile and Argentina invaded Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, hoping to rebuild the country of Venezuela, but it has led to a mainland-wide guerrilla warfare with no signs of stopping. Iran’s successful invasion of southern Saudi Arabia failed to successfully invade Iraq due to Turkish intervention.

Russia and its allies invaded the northern part of the Middle East, arrived in Iran and invaded Europe in two directions. In Eastern Europe, there has been fierce fighting between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). In Southeast Asia, India invaded East Myanmar, so Burma surrendered, but before Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore’s troops came to help, Thailand was rapidly failing. The Philippines soon became the main force for stability in the Western Pacific region. South Korea stalled and declared a ceasefire. In North America, there was a naval battle between Russia and the United States, but due to the substantial expansion of the US Navy, China almost wiped it out. China has invaded and shaken Hawaii and plans to divert the U.S. forces to the West Coast so that Russia can invade Alaska.

China’s regional partners are angry about this, but they cannot stop it.

World War 3 2032
Russia has invaded Alaska and further penetrated into North America. Egypt invaded and invaded Libya and the Sudan, established a government and established the Egyptian North Africa empire. Iran further penetrated into Saudi Arabia, but was soon stopped by Saudi and Israeli forces and launched a fierce battle with Iraq on the border. Under the strong demand of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), North Korea and South Korea have merged into a political organization and hope to shift energy to other region.

World War 3 2033
There was a stalemate in fighting in western Russia. Saudi Arabia has restored its original borders and is ready to invade southern Iran. Russia’s progress in North America stopped and declared a state of inertia. NATO-friendly countries in Australia and Southeast Asia have halted Pakistan’s Indian Ocean offensive and are preparing to attack South Africa under US leadership. Russia and other SCO forces have progressed slowly in the Middle East. With the SCO’s economic recession, riots have become more common and difficult to control.

World War 3  2034
Iraq and Saudi Arabia invaded Iran and advanced rapidly. After heavy fighting and heavy losses, the United States finally recaptured Alaska with the help of Canada, and is now preparing to invade the eastern part of Russia. NATO forces are becoming deeper into Russia from the west. Part of the adoption of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Russia was about to fail, and Russia withdrew from the Middle East. The Russian capital moved from Moscow to a strange place. NATO-friendly countries invaded China from Southeast Asia but faced strong resistance over China’s significant role in China’s use of Sun Tzu’s art and guerrilla tactics in the Vietnam War.

World War 3 2035
With the help of India in the restoration of its original lands, Pakistan surrendered immediately, leading to a major shift in focus of the East Asia-China Group of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Saudi Arabia and Iraq have occupied almost Iran, but Iran has vowed that it will never give up, establish its nuclear arsenals in much of the Middle East, destroy millions of lives and cities and transform the Middle East into a postwar region. . Central Asia was invaded by NATO-friendly countries, but when the Second Great Wall of China was shut down by the Second Great Wall of China, the Great Wall of China was the Great Maginot Line. At the same time, the United States and Canada invaded eastern Russia and Russia is about to collapse.

In fact, as China and other Asian countries cut ties with Russia quickly, the urgent need for near death has become a hot topic for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. NATO has increasingly penetrated into Western Russia and occupied Moscow. The Turkish government invaded and penetrated Russia from the south. At the turning point on December 1, 2035, the Chinese army reduced tactical betrayal, invaded Russia and seized Siberia’s oil-rich mineral regions. They also sent a message to NATO at the same time, saying that after the Russian division, they are ready to discuss peace.

World War 3 2036
It was not until June Russia began a desperate war. As all historians know, it is impossible to occupy Russia in the winter, which turned out to be because the Russian army regained all its territory in the winter, causing heavy losses to NATO and China. However, despite severe injuries, Russia was again attacked when spring came, and because of the enormous benefits of the Chinese and Indian populations, it was led by Chinese and Indians, but they possessed weapons and money from NATO. Despite this anti-Russian cooperation, NATO’s Middle East war continues.

China lost its western territory after European troops overthrew the second wall. Four clear groups have emerged: (the SCO depends on Russia’s splits from Russia, when Russia appears to be failing and betraying it), the Russian group (representing Russia’s dependence on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and the European Community (the European Union) Angry because the United States “uses” them to become military deployment points) and the US group (which also includes important allies of Britain and the United States). By August, Russia finally surrendered and divided between the United States, China and European territories.

Since then, the East NATO War has begun. However, he is lukewarm: the rate of public support in the West is close to 0%, and unrest in East Asia is increasing: in China, the war has stopped and a better government and its neighbors have been established, breaking the relationship with China and declaring war between them (leaders of these countries do not want to do so) Because it will make a national economic and military disaster: even if all countries unite, their troops will not reward China). By December 25, the Christmas Peace Treaty was established on both sides.

2023 and beyond
After the end of the war, the NATO countries established a democratic government throughout the occupied territories, and finally achieved world peace. China surrendered to the revolution in the following year and a half, but the partnership between the disappointed people and the tired army quickly formed a new stalemate in China: a strong Singaporean style that no economic, military, regional allies or neighbors have anything to complain about. NATO intervention led to India’s return to Pakistan, where most Muslims and Hindus lived.
According to the same principles of China, economic industrialization, political reform and peace, China’s most backward allies have finally developed. Then the United Nations was restored and the world entered a great era of reconstruction, peace and democracy.

The world is usually formed after the war:

The East Asia System is an extensive and technologically advanced democratic alliance in East and Central Asian countries. Its purpose is to establish a coalition of self-sufficiency, ability and democracy in East Asia, faithfully serving all citizens,

The United States system is similar to the United States or a dependent country that helped maintain the world order after the Third World War.

The European system was split from the American system due to populism and growing disillusionment. Europe hopes to rebuild colonialism colonialism in a peaceful manner. However, in the past three world wars, the infrastructure was rampant, the population was aging, and the U.S. military prevented this from happening, such as obstacles such as the massive loss of people.

A system of non-alignment consisting of several African and Pacific countries and other countries that usually correspond to one or another coalition but are not final or formal (such as the post-war integration of South America with the United States or Africa after integration with the East). ).

The radiation area, consisting of a large area of ​​the Middle East, was hit by the Iranian nuclear attack and can only be inhabited today through rebellion and small organizations. This is the only place where nuclear weapons are used for this deadly effect. This is a terrible warning of the danger of war to humanity.

Other activities during the war (rarely important)
The United States invaded the coast of West Africa to respond to the growing influence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
NATO/Eastern Joint Force Iran resumes Iranian Democratic Republic.
Canada is disappointed with US policy
India’s expansionist movement led by war hawks.
The United States invaded western South America and destroyed the organization’s troops.
Many small countries are integrated into larger countries (such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in China and the new eastern order) and African countries’ representation in the African Union.
The European Union-led Serbian invasion in line with Serbia was a complete success.
World War 3 Conclusion
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