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Why do you want to wear a bras or why women wear bras?

women wear bras

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Many times we stuck in this why women wear bra or why women wants to wear bras.. Every women wear bras for different reason.

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More than 90% of North American women wear bras and many don’t ask why. This article describes different reasons why women wear bras. Interestingly, wearing a bra or if women wear bras is not a necessity for most women’s breasts. It is worn for cultural reasons.

They are really bras…
Women wear bras is its Necessary dress?
women wear bra- Bra history
There is little evidence to consider clothes before 1900. In ancient history, mention was made of a series of cloths tied to the chest to support it and display it, or to tie a cloth to the chest to tighten it. Two pieces of clothing dating back to the 15th century were found in medieval Austrian castles, similar to modern bras.

The corset has become a bodice and chest bodice since the sixteenth century. By the nineteenth century, clothing had evolved into clothes that could lift and shape the chest up. Modern bras are two kinds of gradually separate corsets starting from the beginning of the 20th century, trying to make more comfortable underwear pieces.

Today, bras have evolved from simple underwear to true sexual clothing, confirming the sexual characteristics of the breast. For example, the terms used to advertise bras can be easily seen: gravity, heat, irony, temptation, etc. There is no doubt that feminists marked their symbol of pregnancy as a symbol of rubbish in the 1960s. Even today, it is sometimes associated with feminine ignorance.

Whether you have a bra or a bra, are you or your chest more comfortable?
This depends mainly on the size of the breast, followed by the female habits. Very large, heavy-breasted women need bras to support and feel pain and discomfort if they don’t wear bras.

If the chest is small to medium in size, it might feel uncomfortable if they used to wear a bra. However, this is a psychological problem and is usually a problem: if they are worn, women often feel jealous or self-conscious without a bra. In fact, when people are accustomed to automatically putting on the braces, they may not notice or notice the slight discomfort of the bra.

Think about it, can you feel any discomfort or discomfort in your chest? When you leave your chest, do you feel when your stomach is full in the restaurant, feel a similar feeling, and slightly relax the belt? After removing the bra, may you see red dots on your skin? If you answer “yes” to these questions, your breast may try to tell you something!

Why do women wear bras?
“Because the breast needs support.”
This is largely a myth: “… wearing a bra… there is no medical need at all,” Dr. Susan M. Love in her book “Dr. Susan’s Breast Book “in. This is similar to the myth that women think it necessary to wear a corset to support stomach muscles.

Now, women with large breasts may need bra support. Even jogging and other active exercise may be painful for women with a medium chest. However, this is a personal matter, so it is comfortable for you.

In one study, women with large chests removed her breast weight from her shoulders for two weeks by going to Albertos or wearing a bra. Only one woman chose a strapless bra and others lost confidence. Researchers monitored female muscle pain and tenderness. 79% of patients decide to permanently remove breast breasts from their shoulders because they make them asymptomatic!
(Ryan, EL, Female chest muscle pain: 5-year clinical preparation study)

If you need or wear a bra, look for a suitable bra. Pay special attention to the lower wire and the side panel, because if the fit is not good, the fixer may slip into the breast tissue and the side panel may produce more stress and tightness. Consider correct installation with professional experimenters. Also, give your breasts “free time”. Take your chest as much as possible, just like at home. At least do not wear it to sleep.
In addition, although bras support the chest, they do not prevent sagging of the chest. Gravity will eventually pay the price.

There is evidence that wearing a bra will increase sagging! Professor Jean-Denis Roelon studied 330 volunteers aged 18 to 35 for a period of 15 years. Their breasts were measured using slide gauges and calipers and no change was recorded throughout the study. Women who don’t wear bras lift 7 mm on the nipple every year. Their breasts are also firmer and their stretch marks disappear.

One possible reason is that the breast has ligaments, and other physical ligaments may shrink when not in use, the same may happen when the ligaments of the breast are received from the chest, which leads to increased apathy with constant artificial support. Another possible reason is that if a woman wearing a chest strap wears a leg bra is appropriate, it may be forced to “migrate”, which leads to breast tissue that differs from some other breasts.

“Because I feel immoral or not honest.”
This is in stark contrast to the sexual characteristics of bras. Although many women use bras to raise their own breasts, many or more people think that bras are a “mild cover” that is necessary for breasts.

Does morality depend on the type of underwear you wear? Women who feel this way often think that their breasts are “dirty” physical parts that need to be “invisible.” Bras become a way to do this.

Considering the breast as a baby and recognizing that the breast should not be considered as a special part of the sexual body (such as the genitals), these women can be liberated from the “bundled” mentality by saying that the breast “is immoral, obscene or Indecent” itself.
“Just a description of those who give the bra to the women’s body looks Onzva. After that over this site came before commented that this is my first thought too (and I alone would not wear pregnant women in most of my life But, once I think about it, cause myself, of course I (and each other) think – this is what he taught us our society has told us, what is disgusting or wrong, when this idea may be because of the first day Adjusted to you, obviously, it is very difficult to overcome it, I hope we can be a day in society as a day, to realize that breasts must be committed to become beautiful or beautiful sales, which is stupid like the tradition of old China , who are dedicated to making their beautiful Chinese women’s feet. ”
Rene Liu

“Because everyone is doing this, in other words, the unspoken rules of society determine us.”
This is a common reason to wear a bra. In many cases, we must abide by the dress code of modern society.

“After getting dressed, I need to wear a bra for my business.”
This may be; but for those who are reluctant to wear for any reason, there are some options in the workplace:
Try on a shirt/sweater. A good Alkisol that will give support to some of your breasts and even the flexible material that doesn’t bounce around it, maybe you’ll be surprised to find that people rarely notice. Companies that need bras may not have a bra-define policy. Some cropped camisoles are very similar to bras. Some samples have adjustable shoulder straps, such as bras. Basically, if you look professional, you should be fine.
Try some other breast substitutes, such as bra cups worn inside the clothes.
Try to change company policy. I do not guarantee this will work; however, in some cases this may be a viable option.

“Hide the nipples that flow through the clothes.”
This is the real reason why many women wear bras. However, if you hate bras, you don’t need to wear them because the nipples cover the silicon to cover Helmatk. The society believes nipples are merely “inappropriate” or inappropriate, but they think it is ridiculous. No one thought of a man’s nipple, did he?

Just because a person’s nipple is slightly worn out does not mean that the person has been sexually aroused. We must all know! Most people’s nipples are in normal conditions.
Why challenge alcohol?
Pregnant woman’s chest

They are just the driving force of obesity to feed the baby!
“Because I hate my chest hanging heavily.”
The bra supports the breast and keeps the breasts slack when worn. This is often considered the “rule” or dress rules for a professional person or someone else. Some of us may also feel uncomfortable when we collect sweat when our breasts are slack.

In addition to dress rules, I hope women realize that natural sagging. Our brain has been brainwashed through the media image of the young and vital breasts, and we do not know what is normal. In fact, it is quite natural that adult breasts stop in a low and comfortable position. Check our gallery for normal breast images.

In addition, the bra will not stop your breasts from sagging. Gravity will come in the end. So that two scientific studies have shown that wearing a bra will lead to more breast retraction.

“It is a common misconception that the release of Daphne can strengthen your breasts and prevent them from sagging in the end, but because of the proportion of fat and tissue in the breast that causes you to prolapse, the chest does not change.
Susan M. Love, PhD in her book “Dr. Suzanne Doctor of the breasts”.

From the return of sweat:
“I felt uncomfortable because I did not wear a bra because of the way that the sweat was collected under my breasts (I live in Dixie) and when I moved quickly, my breasts spread over the underlying skin and the facts above, because I am not very sleepy, Comfortable sports.
Abby Bell

If you have a rash under the breast, one idea is to use a good powder (not talcum powder) after washing it once a day. One of the tourists suggested that Lankan was a good choice. In addition, there is a product called Swoobies designed to absorb moisture (sweat) between the bra and chest.

“Because I want to give bigger delusions than breast size.”
This is especially the case with adolescents who have a heightened awareness if their breasts eventually reach the smaller end of the scale. Women often wear breasts, breasts, breasts or other ways to fill the bra cups, such as silicone bra reinforcements.

If society does not become better for the big breasts, these girls and women do not need to feel self-aware of this problem!
“Because they jump and jump during exercise and exercise.” The sports bra can significantly reduce the bounce of the breast when running or doing other types of active exercise. In fact, for example, a bounce during jogging may actually damage the ligaments in the breast. The slight movement of the breast may be useful because breast movement helps in lymph flow. You need to judge the situation based on the type of activity.
“Because they stand up and down while exercising.” The sports bra can dramatically reduce chest breasts when running or doing other types of active exercise. In fact, for example, a bounce during jogging may actually damage the ligaments in the breast. The slight movement of the breast may be useful because the breast movement helps the lymph flow. You need to judge the situation based on the type of activity.

“Because I am breastfeeding, I need to wear a bra.”
Breastfeeding mothers (or pregnant women) are already required to purchase and wear bras. There is no medical need to wear a bra. Of course, breast feeding bras are a convenient way to hide breast milk leaks, and you may want to wear one to avoid social stress.

But be careful, because wearing a bra may cause breast pain or breast pain. Just place a towel under you at night to prevent water leaks, and do not worry about the breast stains on your home shirt, where you can easily walk around. We received a comment from an experienced mother: When she no longer wore a bra, her anger ended:

“I have fed my four children for a long time, the youngest is six years old, so it has been a while …
I found something that really helped me with my baby.
Do you know how to tell you that you need to wear a bra when you start breastfeeding? I finally woke up after sleeping on a huge bra in a huge bra. When I was the last two children, I decided to be ignorant during that period and then leave my breasts. For me, treatment and prevention of congestion is very effective. I think breast movement may also help them avoid stiffness. During these lactation periods, the bra that I wore most often was an old thin sportswear given to me by my sister. She draws some comments (“you need a new bra”), but it may be more natural than other pathogens that have no effect on me. ”

Thank you for reading.

Why women wear bras conclusion

All of the above is explanation about why women wear bras. Hope its helpful in understanding why women wear bras a why why women wear bras as necessary dress.
Thanks for reading why women wear bras

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