Why Muslims Don’t eat Pork

Why Muslims Don't eat Pig


Why Muslims don’t eat Pork?


Why Muslims don't eat Pork?
Why Muslims don’t eat Pork?



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Are you seeking for why Muslims don’t eat pork or in want of to know why Muslims don’t eat Pork?. Here you will know why Muslims don’t eat Pork. In addition you will know too that eating of pork is not restricted only in Islam. Other religions too prohibits eat of pork. People wander to know why Muslims don’t eat pork or search for Why Muslims don’t eat pork. But people dont knows it is haram in other religions to eat pork. you all should to search why most religions prohibits eat of pork instead of searching Why Muslims don’t eat pork.
Jews prohibit the use of pork not only Islam prohibits eat of pork
(in Abraham’s religion)

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The religion taught by Abraham was collectively called Abraham. It was a group of highly religious factions that claimed the behavior of the ancient Israelites and worshipped Abraham’s God. The term comes from a biblical character called Abraham. [1] The religion of Abraham can be spread globally through the Christianity adopted by the fourth century Roman Empire and the seventh century Islamic Empire. Therefore, today’s Abraham religion has become one of the largest branches of comparative religion (together with East Asia, India, Iran, and Eastern religions). [2] Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the most numerous followers of the Abraham religion. [3] [4] [5]

The main Abraham religions were in chronological order of the 7th century BC Judaism, Christianity in the 1st century and Islam in the 7th century AD.
Including lean Alyazdanah (religious Yazdi Aleranah and Alalujh) and Samaritan (sometimes listed as a branch of the Jewish branch) the number of religious believers is less Abraham religion, [7] Belief in Druze (usually categorized as A branch of Ismail.) I am Islam, [8] Babi, [9] Bahá’í Faith and Rastafari. [10] [11]
As of 2005, it is estimated that 54% of the world’s population (3.6 billion) is the debtor of Abraham’s religion, about 32% are followers of other faiths, and 16% are followers of unorganized religions.

Christianity claims 33% of the world’s population, Islam is 21%, Jews is 0.2% [12] [13], and Bahá’í Faith is about 0.1%. [14] [15]

Religious restrictions on pork consumption
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Religion’s restrictions on pork consumption are ancient traditions of the Near East.

In ancient Syria [1] and Phoenicians [2] disabling pigs, stamina in porke and its meat was observed in the Stana of Kumana in Puntos. [3] reported the disappearance of Helmesian Nax poems, after hundreds of years by the fact that travelers Pasania, the myth Atios were destroyed by supernatural accounts of pigs “as a result of these events, Galatians who lived in Pessinousdo Not Williamson pork.” [4]
With respect to the religion of Abraham, there are clear restrictions on Jewish food law (Kashrut) and Islamic diet law (Halal).
Although Abraham’s religion, most Christians allow pork – it is justified by the eyes of Peter Paper and the Animals,

many New Testament. it instructs Christians in the good news of the gospel verses. in Matthew 5 statement. 17- 20 “I don’t think that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets. I
have come not to repeal, but to do it to tell you the true. even to heaven and earth, will not pass the ι. Not a point. legal.

until everything It’s all done, so it’s the quietest one of the commandments, and teaches others to do it. In Heaven, the same thing will be called the least, but those who do them and teach them will be summoned to In the kingdom of heaven, because I tell you, unless the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees exceeds you, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. “Because Christianity lost most of its foundation in Judaism, Christians do not abide by one of the Mosaic laws. Some restrictions.

The Seventh-day Adventists believe that pork is forbidden and other food prohibited by Jewish law is also forbidden, but the Ethiopian Orthodox Church [5] does not allow pork.
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Why Muslims don’t eat pork or why Prohibited in Islam and pork restriction Islamic law
Examples of verses about pig consumption in the Koran:
It is against the law that you die from the same blood and pork, and that no God’s name is quoted. But who must lead, not naughty, not exceeding the limit, affirming that God is merciless. [6]
Ban in Torah
Torah (the five books of Moses) contains some passages of the Levites and lists the animals that allow people to consume. You first need to pay attention to what is the fully qualified animal’s qualifications:
Any hoofed animal is completely divided into two hoofs, which allows people to eat the old hoof.

– Leviticus 11:3
Hoofs and chewing animals are ruminants such as cows, sheep and deer. This article does not identify every possible animal by name, but their behavior.
The text continues to describe certain known animals and meets one or both of these qualifications, thereby prohibiting their consumption. The exact reason for prohibition is not explained except physical properties.

Why Muslims don’t eat pork conclusion

In the above, you read that not only Islam prohibits eating of Pork its prohibits in other religions too.

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