About Us ( Deikhoo.com )

In this era, where the information technology is at its best and all the information is on your fingertips.

it is an ultimate challenge to step in as a news.views, information and current affairs providing website. However, we accept this challenge because we know we can serve you better than our competitors.

also we have the needed expertise, experience and will to provide you the content you need in this regard.

About Us  – Deikhoo.com

In reality, Deikhoo.com is a one stop solution to bring you the real breaking news, in-depth stories, current affairs, biographies, viral content on internet, sports, showbiz and entertainment along with everything happening around you right on your screens both in written and video formats. It actually doesn’t matter to us where you are and in which part of the world you are living, we believe in the philosophy of unbiased information delivery by holding ethical and responsible manners with no hidden agenda.


To provide you the first-hand information about the burning issues of the society with the best possible angles, we have the expertise and affiliation with top-ranked resources around the globe.

Also to assure the quality and reality, we have a dedicated team of individuals with great professional skills. We don’t only say “Let the words speak”, actually we mean it and you will find us unique, unbiased and up to the task in this regard.

Why only deikhoo.com

Now the million-dollar question is “why only deikhoo.com especially when you have hundreds of options around in the mentioned category?” .Well, we have the multiple answers of this specific question but only stating some core responses here.


we have truckloads of experience in news and information department as we are in the industry for a decade and carrying multiple sites in the same category.


we have a skilled, dedicated and professional team that based on the ‘right man for the right job’ philosophy.


we have reasonable resources to provide you the real inside story on as it happens basis without tempering the hidden facts.

More About Deikhoo

And last but not the least, we only need your appreciation and acknowledgment in return because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Besides the Information providing responsibilities, we keep Deikhoo.com as an open forum for everyone to express their feelings and thoughts. The idea behind the scene is to create a panel of dedicated personalities for the betterment of society.

In this regard you can right your thoughts and opinion to us on any issue which you think should be addressed and we will publish it with your name.

Deikhoo.com is being operated from it’s headquarter situated in Frankfurt (Germany) and from the regional office Karachi (Pakistan). We also have our reporting teams in India, US, UK and Australia.

Management Team

ANzik Chaudhry

Frankfurt Germany (CEO)

ANzik Chaudhry is a renowned name in the News industry. Being in the news industry for more than a decade.

he is heading many well-known projects in the news industry.

World Live Fm (Live FM Radio Broadcasting around the World), Dharti News (News, Views and Current Affairs TV Channel and Web) ANzik Writes and Globel Host (A Hosting Solution Company around the Globe) can be taken as examples.


Besides all his other expertise. He has master’s degrees in Mass Communication and Business Administration.

ANzik Chaudhry is also known as one of the pioneers to bring in the variety in the News industry of Pakistan.

Muhammad Amir Shahzad

Shakrila, Pakistan (Co-Managing Director)

An Author, an Article Writer, SEO Specialist and Web Developer by profession. Amir Shahzad and has been working on different online projects and is also part of the Deikhoo management team. He is responsible to bring you the brand new information in all races of life via the Deikhoo.com forum.

more details 

Besides the dozens of correspondents around the globe, Deikhoo.com is also availing the services of Mr.  Atique Rehman (Hyderabad, Pakistan) as a web developer and technical support Assistant, Mrs. Kelly Gomes (Melbourne, Australia) as News and Current Affair Specialist.

Miss Shirley Rohan (Liverpool, UK) as Sports, Showbiz Analyst and News correspondent.