Srange news Aliens will be huge threat for earth in future

Aliens war with humans in future


Srange news Aliens will be the huge threat for the earth in future 

An research exposes Why Pakistan ISI is no one in the World the Aliens threat to the world. Aliens will be harmful to earth in next generations. Strange research, the research explores possible scenarios for Earth’s interaction with exotic information
Should we be prepared for foreign cyber attacks? In a strange research paper, two astrophysicists explored possible scenarios that could change our world.
Do you ever think this?
How much Aliens have potential to destroy us?

Should the Earth be prepared for possible cyber-cyber attacks?

No one has asked this question, but at least two astrophysicists answer.

In a somewhat unusual search (unrivaled review), scientists have explored the possibility that Earth receives complex information from space.

They have filmed a screenplay for thirty years from now on, and we intercepted information from unknown foreign intelligence. The best and brightest people in the world have been brought to decipher information, but just like them, our digital network, power network, and Internet-connected devices have collapsed.
Who existed first on galaxy Alien or Humans?
Answer ( Aliens first existed on galaxy afterward, humans.)
It turned out that foreigners sent malicious software Galaxy.

“The complex information of space may need to use the computer to view, analyze and understand. This information cannot be selected to be purified, there are still technology risks, which can pose a risk to survival,” the researchers wrote.

This paper was produced by Michael Hibke of the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany and John Tide, an astrophysicist at the University of Hawaii.

They believe that receiving extraterrestrial information could lead to destruction and social chaos.
Do you know?
“Scientists says in a research that Octopus is an animal as well Alien” He is not earth living Animal”

They outlined several different scenarios, including a friendly message containing a downloadable artificial intelligence model that allows us to communicate with alien species. This scenario explores land security difficulties when receiving this technique.

It is certainly interesting to imagine this scene. It is certainly interesting to imagine this scene.

It is natural to imagine this scenario. Source: Australians

Two astrophysicists believe that in the end, the potential benefits will go beyond the inherent risks of receiving this information effectively.

“Overall, we think the risk is too small (but not zero) and the potential benefits are very large, so we strongly recommend reading the news.” They said.

This is an interesting intellectual experience, but you may not need to worry about it in our lives.

However, scientists said this week that humans may not need to go beyond our solar system when looking for extraterrestrial organisms.

One of the Saudi satellites can make living organisms live
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Saturn II knows ice hockey can provide ideal living conditions for single-cell microorganisms known as old cells found in harsh environments on Earth, researchers said on Tuesday.

Report this story in the journal Nature Communications.

The team said that the methane (Methane) methane is called methanothermococcus Okinawensis and simulates what is believed to be on Saturn satellites under laboratory conditions.

On the ground, this type was found in the very old very hot near the vent water temperature and the conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to methane.

The effects of methane were previously detected in the steam emitted from the cracks on the moon Enceladus.
Do you ever wish to talk with Alien?
“An American Organization is successfully offering people to get chance to talk with Aliens” Just in penny dollars”

“In principle, our conclusion is that some CH4 found in the column Enceladus (methane) produced by methanogens,” wrote German and Austrian researchers.

September 8, 2015, this image of Cassini Spacecraft narrow-angle camera NASA has taken in the visible light show of Saturn Moon Dion (front) and Enceladus (guard).
On September 8, 2015, the NASA image of the narrow-angle Cassini camera in visible light shows Saturn’s Dion (forward) and Enceladus (back) satellites. Source: AFP

They also calculated that a sufficient amount of hydrogen could be generated by geochemical processes in the heart of Escoto dos to support these microbes.

Saturn is the sixth planet in the sun. separated only from Mars and Jupiter. It has dozens of satellites.

Previous studies have shown that Enceladus moves in a sea of liquid water. An essential element of life, beneath its glacial surface.

The Moon is also considered to contain methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia compounds and the physical waters of the Antarctic – a combination of these properties makes it a major goal in the search for life.
Strange research, Aliens Conclusion

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