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True serial Killers More Scary than any Horror Movie

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TTrue serial killers more scary than any horror movie.




In this article you will read world most scary serial killers ever. Those killers were more dangerous than any snake. Read the most dangerous serial killers who were threatened world with their terrible killing methods. No one will tell you about these killers. Must read about these killers it may help you to look around your. It will help you in recognizing if there are killers around you. You will be able to judge the killers. Live long by identifying the killers
Here are the serial killers read continuoly below:

Try movies and TV shows such as Dexter from the highest level of killer invaders constantly surpassing themselves (the plot Hannibal appears to be the murderer of his victims instruments – no, really). But the real killer is just a lazy man with devastating mental illness and there are no terrible tricks. right?

Yes. As mentioned several times before, in the real world, sometimes a killer is presented too crazy to such a point, if we see them in horror film, we will immediately expel them to Kjbn B movie silly thoroughly. The following people and their physical influence are quite real, and at least three-quarters of them are still alive.

Catherine Knight trained her husband and tried to provide food for his children

AAP / David McNew / Getty Images Entertainment

Catherine Knight had a well-documented history of mad cow disease. At the beginning, he thought her first husband swearing to kill them on their wedding night just dared to have sex with her three times and they fell asleep. When he finally left, the Cavaliers took their daughter’s child, threw it on the nearby train track (returned by the homeless man), and then attacked the city’s intimidating random stranger.

Then I went to another state of excitement, thereby reducing the face of a woman and forcing her to drive to the service station where he took a little boy Rees hostage until the police arrived and provided it with a broomstick because The application of law in Australia seems funny. These are not crazy parts of her story. Warning: Read in your estimate – here is where this article will take Detewor directly into hell.

Don’t worry, shout!

The fare finally met three fathers named John Price, who moved together, even though Price was very clear about her explosive Luni tone of angry spells. She ended the eviction and imposed a restrictive order on her and told his colleagues that if he did not come to work, she might kill him. He was then allowed to return to his home for sex and fell asleep with him, indicating that Price might not fully understand what a restrictive order should be. The fare confirmed this error by stimulating prices 37 times. When not presenting the “price” to work the next day, the company staff contacted the police, who appeared in the “price” home and found his body, which was not the head of his head lying on the floor of the living room.

The knight wraps his skin one by one on the hook S at the entrance, like a decorative curtain in the Leatherface house. This is Bryce boiling pot on the stove, one with the name of the residence with vegetables and gravy and Talaha table on two shows that they are specifically for Bryce adult children (though it does not want children So maybe it should be useful to cover the plate with a small metal plate).

Because how do you get ants!

The knight pleaded guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole – literally carrying the file “will not be released,” such as Soparvilan’s underground basement silly.

M. Miranda Langguth, 8 Wing Imaging / Denette / AP

Russell Williams, a colonel embellished at the Canadian Armed Forces, likes to enter the home of a friend and neighbor minor daughter, and then portrays herself wearing a girl in underwear and tries to get it in all her rooms, such as monkey lab masturbation. Get all the biggest spree before you escape and inject his PCP and dissolve his brain.

If the army releases the coat of Explorer pants, it can prevent it all.

He even wrote a letter on the computer of a 12-year-old girl and thanked her for the night she gave him in the bedroom.

Gerri Weatherbee / Northumberland Passed CBC Today

Do not shamelessly obtain medals.

Do not get rude medals.

All in all, Williams had committed more than 80 pieces of robbery of underwear, often broke into his room at the time I did not realize the owner of the house (he was naked drawer flow it inadvertently in the woman’s house, she was in the bathroom) Thousands of pictures hidden in the basement of his house:

These are found under “C” for “Christ, Jesus DDT.”

At that time, Williams decided to open a crazy throttle, and after graduation he became a complete abductor and a murderer. They stormed the houses of two different women and tied them up to force them to do more of his group pictures. Then Williams broke into the house of a corporal he knew in his work, beat him with a flashlight, and brutally killed her, filming every horrific moment of his crime and photographing enough pictures to fill. The album. Also stole a lot of clothes and underwear, because as we know, underwear is cat crazy eyes.

Finally, Williams kidnapped a woman and took him to a hut he owned, where he terrified her for a whole day, eventually killing her with the same lamp, because he thought the “lamp” meant “batons sometimes help see darkness.” Is a four-hour criminal record record and the collection of more photos and articles of stolen clothes, stepped up his “Canadians address the most horrific display history (although he faces fierce competition in this article).

By Julie Oliver / Postmedia News of the National Post

There is no news on Maglite endorsement deals.

Fortunately, an eyewitness found Williams Pathfinder outside the house of his last victim before he disappeared, and the police were able to match his tires, shoes, tires and shoes found at the scene. He arrested him. He pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment, and recently attempted suicide by taking toilet paper. The Canadian army deprived Williams of his rank and burned the uniforms and medals he had acquired during 23 years of his service because of that person’s absurdity.

The millionaire farmer pig kills people and sends them to his pig

The British millionaire pig farmer Robert Picton, one of six to fifty prostitutes in the Vancouver area, was killed, cut off and fed to his pigs. .. This statement is actually the least crazy part. His story.

Picton sees here the “ax face” that captures the standard case provided by the serial killer killer.

Picton will tour the poorest areas of Vancouver to attract prostitutes to a huge pig farm (ie call to include “back to my farm, my pigs must be rejected immediately) with the promise of money and drugs there to brutally kill them and rip their bodies as creativity.

Despite this, Picton feeds not only his body. He collected some of his victims’ heads, hands and feet in the refrigerator around the farm. He covered some of his victims with a wooden crane. Investigators are almost 100% sure that they will be mixed with human remains and the pork portion (such as intestines, blood and bones) can not be used, they all brought to Vancouver Refinery and processed in lipstick, soap, shampoo and other items This reveals two daunting facts from the industry makeup.

The problem is that Picton does not believe he is treating the body – he likes to spread his evil like frantic apple seeds.

Without a pan intact, Picton settled by wearing a strainer on his head.

At the same time, the Vancouver Police Department has not provided any information on those women who have disappeared. They conclude that all women are drug addicts, wander to other cities, or die as if they are surrogates. They literally fired an investigator because some people believe that the serial killer may be responsible. A victim of the picton managed to escape from the farm, bleeding from multiple stab wounds, and the plaintiff denied subsequent allegations of murder because the most important descriptor of Robert Picton at the time was “millionaire.” “He said.

In the end, he was brought to justice and when a staff member gave a certificate that led to a full investigation, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. At the same time, Canadian officials are in turn suppressing a society that is killing and societies that may be repelled by making sure they consume pork on human remains.
By emphasizing that their pork is “appropriate,” thus eliminating the chance of any harm disease from killing prostitutes, and confirming the power supply figures in British Columbia, a very bad opinion crisis.

They are not blamed there.

Magdalena Solis cuts people’s hearts for detailed fraud

Image Source Black / Image Source / Getty Images

Magdalena Solis is part of an elaborate scam involving two Jeriftin, two brothers Hernandez, who are engaged in the village weaving in the grass farm in Mexico. This seems a bit unanimous compared to other things on this list, but we have to say that at some point things get a little bit… far.

In 1962, the two brothers appeared and claimed that the priests from the Inca tribe had rich golden plaques. The gods wanted to share with the village, but the only way to reassure the gods was to provide regular financial transactions and purify their bodies. demon. The only way to clear their demons was to have sex with the Hernandez brothers. always like this.

Only those who have experience in cleaning semen spots will choose the word “clean”.

The villagers were not very Mcherqan (for example, Inca in Peru, not Mexico), but after a while, they became tired of sex with brother Hernandez, and did not have any incentives to refer to that promise. Therefore, the brothers hired a prostitute named Magdalena to appear as if God had watched it in Spanish in the 20th century in an unprecedented way. They found in a group of smoke Magdalena villagers in the cave during the ceremony, V. Magdalena immediately in its character asked to make love for everyone and others to drink cups of blood decorated wit

When the villagers felt bored with Magdalena and thought about the whereabouts of the gold price in the blue hell, he responded to the order of “skeptics” who were stoned to death in the cave ceremony. At this point, I shifted from “the promise of sex and money and cheap gold” to something else.

Hell is not as angry as the three-person anti-socials who refuse to carry things and behave sexually.

The victim’s blood was collected in the ritual cannabis cup and consumed. So Solis Hernandez’s brothers found that the bulletproof way continued the deception – a villager killing or two blood and sacrifices often with other people would be frightened and could not express any doubts.

Who knows how long this scandal may last, and there is a random boy who is not in the cave to go on his way to school, see Solis and her followers desperate rock cruelly harassing the woman’s face and cut another man Heart with a machete. The boy ran up like hell to the nearest police station, followed by a person patrolling to the village to inspect it because it apparently hadn’t seen enough horror movies to see what the police would happen when they went to investigate strange cave kills Yourself.

“Everything seems to be here.”

When the police did not return, the police decided to go to the village and found that his body was punctured and removed his heart. The boy was also killed like the horrible temple of Dum. They surrounded Magdalena’s worship in a cave ceremony and arrested most of them, though brother Hernandez died in the subsequent exchange of fire. Solis and her surviving followers have been detained by the state for 30 years. The Incas remained in Peru.

Grandma laughs poisoned her whole family

Nanniduosi one thing that happens, because they poisoned drugs in the member states almost every side of her family, and then provide a friendly, disdainful to recognize the police, also won the “laughing grandmother” nickname. When he was finally arrested, she killed her mother, two sisters, two daughters, a nephew, grandson and four husbands, described as “no reason to curse.”

To relieve stress, some people prefer yoga. Different strokes.

Chilling is that after her first husband Charlie’s middle daughter died two mysteriously of “food poisoning”, her husband became Charlie first suspicious, because her murder spree lasted a long time, because it literally means: easy to kill. Charlie ran away and took his eldest daughter with him, but he left the youngest one behind DOS because he apparently did not like the baby.

Nani Dos and her second husband, Frank married for 16 years, during which he was stabbed to death with a skullcap, killed her newborn grandchild grandson and killed her with a lot of venom. For Frank, he was drunk drunk, and Dos eventually hated him and poisoned the venom of mice in whiskey, which is recognized and usually treated as a bastard. condemnation.

Dos married three times and each pair mysteriously died. They even burned their house on the ground after poisoning her third mother to prevent the death of his family. Between her fourth and fifth marriage, she moved to her sister who was suffering from cancer and poisoned her because he did not? “I might also kill my mother,” I thought before thinking about it. At this point, the authorities must think that Nani Dos is overwhelmed by the curse of some old mummies because the only other explanation is that they are bad at work.

To be fair, budget cuts drastically reduced the number of Magic 8 balls presented to the police.

When her fifth husband severely poisoned him and sent him to hospital for three weeks, Dos was eventually arrested, but not enough to kill him. The day he was sent home, Dos filled him with enough arsenic to kill 20 scary people. Finally, a doctor began to suspect DOS and ordered an autopsy to confirm that her husband had been poisoned.

On the police side, Doss immediately admits that she laughed throughout the interview while happily admitting the 11 members who killed her family. When the bus got up and went to jail to spend his sentence, Dos laughed and said: When she left, she commented on the reporter and said she was not feeling bad about the results. Even Al-Hayat asked her to allow her life story to be published because she had apparently forgotten that she had killed children in addition to her drunken husband.

In one of the rare moments, you did not kill someone.

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo Murderers of the Dark Arts

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a former pastor of the Haitian apprentice, he grew into a crazy master master master figure, he believes he has the ability to see into the future and receive strong spells, as long as he holds full of dark magic vessel with body parts sacrifice. He is worshiped by his loyal followers and captured by Kadivambam, a satanic figure and his most wonderful gift, of kidnapping (random) people and torturing them to death. We believe that Satan is responsible for giving him the most beautiful Emilio Estevez Albori in history.

Yes, it’s not a way to describe it, is it?

Constanta is a hired recruit who employs his shifts and mental skills for Mexican drug dealers and law enforcement officials. His human skeletons, spiders and other totem magic brain, blood, bones and courage in his soup soup pot, to create a wave, so that his clients can not see the police control, invincible.

You eat some spiders, throw them into the pot, add some water and brain – baby, you have a dose of potions!

Even drug dealers are afraid of Constanzo – When a cartel refuses to make it a complete partner after having achieved great success with his colleagues, seven of them disappear mysteriously, and after a few days they finger back Into the river. The ears, heart, brain, and drooping thorns are as if attacked by a damn predator. Constanzo also had a group of other drug dealers competing in their boilers, and even one of his community members broke a dark magic porridge and set an example for other members of the team (for example: “Maybe we should look for other jobs”).

Constanzo’s heat did not really decrease until his team was kidnapped and an American college student was mutilated.

The U.S. government exerted tremendous pressure on Mexican officials to resolve the crime. After the police traced his terrible ritual farm in Constanta’s dogma,


the man blew up a checkpoint and found the remains of 15 people buried on the ground. The brains of the missing students were found floating in doses in the Constanzo boiler and should be waited for by Professor Snape.

Constanta’s gang was arrested and arrested. Konstanzo himself was eventually trapped in an apartment surrounded by 180 policemen. The magic may not be true, but we have no ridiculous opportunities. Constanta did not let him be arrested, but instructed one of his followers to shoot him. The police discovered that the body of this evil wizard was full of bullets because apparently the followers did not seize any chance.

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Talk about killer…
Serial killers conclusion
These were the most terrible serial killers. If you know scariest serial killers then comment your serial killers it will increase our knowledge about serial killer. If you know about serial killers just comment below the box.

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