Richest footballers 2018

Richest footballers in the world 2018


yAfter a deep research. We found richest footballers 2018.

World richest footballers 2018
World richest footballers 2018


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Footballers Skills, strategies, goals and celebrations are many terms that define the ecstasy of this appealing game.

Football players are not as famous as celebrities and their reputation is discussed around the world. These football players can be considered the richest people in the world because of their huge profits and huge salaries. Here we list the top 10 players in the world today.
Richest footballers in the world 2018
Richest footballers net worth 2018
Richest footballers list
Top 10 richest footballers 2018
Top 10 richest footballers ever
World richest footballers 2018


10. Lampard – Net worth: 83 million euros (90 million US dollars).

The richest football player: Frank Lampard: Net assets: 83 million euros (90 million US dollars).

Lampard’s net worth, how much do you earn?

Like England’s Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, English football players are the most productive midfielders in the English Premier League. As Chelsea’s 13-year performance, as a midfielder, he was also the best shooter and kept a lot of records for his name. Lampard is the player behind Britain’s second-billionaire Rooney, worth $90 million.

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Even Frank Lampard in his football debate, the highest-profile media and football experts have always praised his extraordinary ability. Under Lampard’s leadership, Chelsea played a crucial role in winning the UEFA Champions League in 2012 and participating in the Euroleague Euroleague for the first time next year.

10. Ronaldinho – Net assets of 83 million euros (90.5 million US dollars).

Ronaldinho: Net assets: 83 million euros (90.5 million US dollars) – the richest football player.

What is the true value of Ronaldinho and his income?

Ronaldinho Gaucho is better to recognize Ronaldinho as the legendary Brazilian football hero. He recently scored 33 goals and he played 97 great games. He beat the front and even advanced to Queretaro, the Mexican club, and he was in the ninth place with a profit of $90.5 million. In addition to Ballon d’Or (2005), he is considered to be the world soccer player in 2004 and 2006.

Ronaldinho, the most respected football player on the planet, is the best player in football. As Brazilian footballer, Ronaldinho can perform well on the football field. And, it has ensured its status so far in the world’s richest football player.

9. Raul – Net assets of 85 million euros (93 million US dollars).

Raul: Wealth.

What is Raul’s net worth? How much money does he make?

Raul is one of the top and most talented football players in Spain. He is the striker of the New York Cosmos and the world’s richest player on the 10th. Although he retired, he still enthusiasm to entertain fans on the court with his unusual kick. The football star was worth $93 million at Real Madrid for 16 years.

He is still the youngest active football player in Spanish history. He has a lot of records in football, scored 323 goals in his career and is already a club record. He won multiple championships in three Champions League titles, four Spanish Super League titles, European Super Cup and two Intercontinental Cup titles.

8.Samuel Eto’o – The net worth of 87 million euros (US$95 million).

Samuel Eto’o.

What is the net worth of Samuel Eto’o? What is his income?

Samuel Eto’o is the only African football player who is considered to be one of the richest football players in the world. His $95 million income still ranks first. He won the 2005 FIFA World Footballer Awards, although he is honored to mention two European Championships in Europe. He has dealt with his country’s pride of winning many championships, such as the best scorer in history, the third-best player, and 56 goals from 118 blocked shots. In addition, Samuel is still the world’s highest paid player, even scoring more than 100 goals in Barcelona’s five seasons.

The wealthiest Cameroon striker, Samuel Eto’o, is the best footballer on the planet and he is actively competing with Anji Makhachkala, earning $25 million a year. In addition, he signed with Chelsea and Everton in the Premier League, and he received PUMA approval of 7 million U.S. dollars each year. Maybach has Zenitak, Bugatti Veron, and is considered to be the most profitable African football player.
7. Garden of Eden – net worth 77 million pounds (100 million dollars).

Chelsea Football Club

What is the value of Eden Hazard and the income of Chelsea players?

According to Forbes, Eden Hazard won £ 12.4 million ($ 16 million) each year at Chelsea. The waist in Belgium is overseen by Nike, and Tops, a commercial card company, and Lotus Pickres, the biscuit maker, are in Biscoff. The Belgian professional football player rushed to play for Chelsea and the Belgian national team. One of the best players in the world is often called by coaches, colleagues and commentators. He was also described as a “wonderful passerby” and received praise for his style of play.

6. Kaka – worth 96 million euros (105 million US dollars).


What is the net value of Kaka and what is the income of Brazilian stars, Is he really counts in world richest footballers 2018?

Brazilian soccer star Kaka plays in the American league. As a Real Madrid player, Kaka has always been one of the best midfielders of the day. In addition, he is the highest paid player in the Premier League, earning $ 7.2 million in prize money each year, and his club Orlando City Club. Receives $ 5.5 million worth of sponsorship deals each year and places him on the list of the richest footballers on the planet. Kaka’s total wealth is currently $ 105 million.

However, he won a huge amount of money while winning huge sums, so he showed that he served mainly in the local Brazilian team and Orlando City from the main football team in the league. Ricardo Cauca also knows how to play tennis, although most of the young ambassadors of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) are fully focused on his humanitarian operations because he feels largely to help the poor.
He is by the way my favourite, i love him. He is between richest footballers but for me he is richer than others.

5. Rooney – net assets of 93 million pounds (120 million US dollars).

Wayne Rooney.

What is the net worth of Rooney, and what is the income of Everton star and is he really counts in world richest footballers 2018?

Rooney is a skilled, talented, rich and popular British football player. Manchester United left to become the leading shooter at all times in the club and returned to Junior Club. He spent 50 percent of his salary at Everton and paid him 7.8 million pounds a year.

Rooney is the captain of the British national team and Everton. British striker Everton joined the 18-year-old and gave an impressive title to the top-ranked English Premier League at a very young age.

Paying $ 10.24 a year, Rooney’s net assets are also passed through other agreements with Samsung and Nicky. Has become the most famous football star in the world, and therefore has a huge net worth of $ 120 million, which is the only real reason that ranks fourth among the richest players on the planet. Lamborghini, Ls, Ranger Rover and other vehicles have luxury properties in his hometown.

4 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic – net worth 110 million pounds ($ 141 million).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

What is the net worth of Ibrahimovic and how much is he earning?

Added Ibrahimovic, the most popular and most popular player in the world. Despite his contract with Manchester United. However, he is still training at the club headquarters of Carrington. In addition, he is expected to sign again with Manchester United in the second half of the 2017/18 season after injury. Ibrahimovic’s net assets are $ 141 million. In any case, he signed a lucrative contract with Nike and had his own name in Sweden.

He earned a $ 4 million Nike license, though he had a fortune through other companies such as Bonaire and Volvo. Based on Goal, he has reached a sponsorship agreement with Xbox 360, Volvo, Nivea, and Dressman, and his chances also include great assets. It seems that Ibrahimovic has confirmed the scrolling is much greater than human. He one of sylish player and he is in list of richest footballers 2018.

3. Neymar Junior – Net assets of EUR 135 million (US$ 148 million).

Neymar Junior – PSG.

What is the net value of Neymaris and the success of Star Paris St Germain?

A Brazilian football player works for the PSG team and Neymar is considered one of the greatest football players and attackers today. Perhaps this is the most lucrative world, and it has been observed that Neymar’s revenue reached 36.8 million euros in 2017 forbes. In August 2017 Neel moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a value of 222 million euros, making it the most expensive player in the world..

Neymar, a more talented player, holds an enormous balance of up to 148 billion U.S. dollars, which produces the strongest position among the world’s richest football players. Neymar is the face of Brazilian football and one of the core equipment of the highly talented PSG team. His ability on the court, in addition to his outstanding performance on the court, made him the most popular player in the sport.

2. Messi – net assets of 230 million pounds (2.95 billion U.S. dollars).

Messi, Barcelona.

What is Messi’s net worth and the number of Barcelona stars?

According to, Messi received 26 million pounds (33.4 million U.S. dollars) from his last contract with Barcelona. It also earned 21 million pounds (US$27 million) annually through the use of Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette and Turkish Airlines brands. With a net asset of 295 million U.S. dollars, the Argentine striker is the second richest player.

The Argentine football player Messi played for Barcelona in the Spanish football BBVA league. Today, his football technique on the court is called “little magician”. The net asset is 295 million U.S. dollars; this player earns 26 million pounds a year as an attacker’s sport. Messi also signed a document agreement with Adidas, EA Sports, Turkish Airlines and others. With a car like the Audi R8, the Ferrari F430 index, Maserati and other Masixati-related booms in 2009 totaled about $295 million. Messi’s total wealth is about 295 million U.S. dollars.

Messi is the most popular football player in modern times. Messi, Barcelona’s number one scorer has always been the adidas brand image spokesperson, as well as manufacturers around the world. Lionel Messi is the football legend. His mercury technology and unity are impeccable. No one can reject every penny he receives.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Net assets of 250 million euros (321.5 million US dollars).

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid.

What is the value of Cristiano Ronaldo and his income?

According to, Ronaldo has won more than 19 million euros (24,400,000 US dollars) each year. He made money by supporting well-known brands such as Motorola, Nike, Armani and Tag Heuer. According to Forbes’ statistics, Ronaldo also owns his own CR7 brand, which sells haircuts and clothing. He is the richest footballer with a net worth of $321 million.

Today he is at top in world’s richest footballers 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo, is from Portugal and plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish League. It started immediately after entering Real Madrid from the Manchester United Super League in 2009. After transferring a value of 94 million euros, he is considered to be the most expensive football player.

Ronaldo is the top ten player in the world in terms of number of players in the world, having a net book account of more than $321.5 million in the largest part of this, depending on his income through football tournaments. A small part of the approval appears. In Cristiano is not only the world’s wealthiest football player, but also belongs to the world, and has personal celebrities with popular golden balls or private possessions, without any reason, because of the complaints of this particular player.

The hottest sport in the world is more dangerous than ever. There are more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide. For most people, football is not just a game. It is like religion. The best professional players earn more than other loyal athletes. He plays Europe’s richest football player. Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Germany rank first in the world. Everyone is competitive enough to continuously capture the best talent

Top 10 Richest footballers 2018 – Net Worth
Who are richest footballers 2018 in the world? Who are world’s richest footballers in 2018 ? From Ronaldo to Ronaldinho, Dawning is the world’s richest list of players, while net assets and how much of their income.

Cristiano Ronaldo – net assets of 250 million euros (321.5 million US dollars).
Messi – net assets of 230 million pounds (2.95 billion U.S. dollars).
Neymar Junior – Net assets of EUR 135 million (US$ 148 million).
Zlatani Ibrahimovic – Net assets of 110 million pounds (US$141 million).
Rooney – 9.3 billion pounds ($1.2 million) in net asset value.
Kaka – net assets of 96 million euros (105 million US dollars).
Eden Risk – A net worth of 77 million pounds (100 million U.S. dollars).
Eto’o – net worth of 8.7 billion euros ($95 billion).
Raul – net assets of 85 million euros (93 million US dollars).
Ronaldinho – Net assets of 83 million euros (90.5 million US dollars).


There are more rich footballers like Beckham. But we found that players on top
If you disliked our list of richest footballers 2018. Then you can aware us why you dislike our list of world richest footballers 2018. Even you can submit us your research. May be in your research results are different. But seriously these are richest footballers 2018. You cannot deny. But in case of change in future, we will reform it. Because world is changing day by day
Every day brings new world. Well i hope you liked our article world richest footballers 2018.
Football is richest sport in the world. Today we published world richest footballers 2018. But in future we are going to share world richest sports players as well as we have already shared richest footballers 2018.

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