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Mind vs Brain – Debate ( Finding Consciousness ) 2018

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The Mind vs. Brain Debate (What is Consciousness?)
Mind vs Brain Philosophy
Mind vs Brain differences
Mind vs Brain psychology
Mind vs Brain consciousness
Mind vs Brain facts


Mind vs Brain
Mind vs Brain




Mind vs brain philosophy-Before Aristotle, the debate about ideas and brains is ongoing. He and Plato believe that the spirit contains wisdom or wisdom, and it cannot be placed in the flesh. Depicted bilaterally in the well copy, Cartesian sets the consciousness and the same self-awareness in the mind to distinguish itself from the brain, but it is still called the center of brain intelligence.

Mind vs brain in yoga-In yoga science, the brain considers pure vibrational energy. It is an (naturally unnatural) element that can “think” faster than the speed of light and retain all experience, consciously retaining the thinker. Mind vs brain,It can create a substance from nothing. Contains a halo or energy object and can attract other people’s minds and accept them.

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Communicate in a sensuous language. It has a profound effect on the body, temporarily Aaoaha’s energy level, and has the ability to heal his body back home, as well as the ability of others. It is often referred to as the spark of God, or the wave of the infinite environment in which the possibilities of the universe exist. Mind vs brain-Our thoughts, because of their nature, such as sparks or wave of infinite wisdom, can make incredible things.

In yoga, the brain is only the physical manifestation of the mind itself. This is a complicated idea to understand. Let us look at one of the most profound external phenomena trying to understand the mind vs brain difference.
Mind vs brain losing limbs

About 80% of people who have lost limbs because of an accident or illness, feel unbearable pain, or burning sensation, or pain, even as if it was not crushed from their part of the body, even if it does not exist . Often referred to as a phantom party. The brain produces sensory pain that does not differ from those with existing limbs.

This amazing phenomenon has infected doctors for more than one hundred years. Only now they are beginning to realize that, in part, through the study of Dr. Lamde Chandran, that “from the whole surface of your body the signal of the touch is set on the surface of the brain. In the bar between the so-called sensory cortex your ears. The district “feels” that your hand is very close to the area for you. ”

Mind vs brain In order to create a simple and complex phenomenon. When the patient blindly covers the face, they feel a similar feeling on the phantom side at the middle index. The mood is very specific. In order to eliminate the pain felt by the patient. The missing party, d. Giraux and Siligoo showed that the patients were merely trained to imagine that their arms, would be relieved of the magic square’s pain with respect to the levers, that moved on the screen in front of them. This assumes a set of interesting questions. Is the mind a party feeling or is it the wrong assumption of the brain? Why does the brain not feel it? following mind vs brain Is this true consciousness?

Mind vs brain Awareness goes beyond the brain.
The human brain has three main structures,important to remark during knowing mind vs brain (consciousness). The largest is the brain, which is the center of performance or psychological thinking. The cerebellum is the second structure located in the back of the skull. It can help us stand firm and not fall. Responsible for balance. The third structure is the medulla, which leads to the trunk of the spine and helps to deal with non-autonomous tasks such as breathing. These three structures work together. For help to achieve cognitive roles, but they don’t mind themselves. The mind is not a physical entity.
Mind vs Brain-Brain Memory

Although brain memory is just a theory of the chemical structure stored like a neural network. Some doctors will point out evidence of consciousness. Once the doctor thinks that the brain’s physical structure has died. Dr. Peter Fenwick studied this phenomenon. His patient’s dying experience and the exact description of what happened in the room after the recorded person lined up. Fatally lined up.

Mind vs brain research-Peter Fenwick, MD, F.R.C. Psych. He is a senior lecturer in psychiatry, King’s College, London College, and is associated with a group of mental health at Southampton University. He is also a neurologist at Modsley Hospital and John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford University. His research shows that there are many similarities in report deaths across cultural differences, gender, age, and type of death.
Mind vs brain-birth/death
Some people believe that the death experience may be caused by chemical reactions in the brain caused by drugs, given at the time of death; however, it was reported that 37% of respondents received drug treatment, during the NDE period, 63% Respondents. Therefore, the theory that NDEs result from drugs are incorrect, about two-thirds of people suffer from sudden death during illness, surgery, birth or accidents, two per cent in suicide attempts and 20 per cent In other cases, Including anxiety, or dreams, or relaxation, or spontaneous in Natural life. “(1) The persistence of conscious experience in neuroscience is not possible in the unconscious physics, and thus lead to mental or conscious problems go beyond brain death. Range.

There are currently more cryptic, randomized controlled trials of different aspects of psychiatry, many of which focus on identifying awareness. However, with Fenwick’s ideas and others, the medical community is not the only scientific field that raises awareness issues. Physicists also ask this question. In his recent autobiography, Einstein wrote: “… even if the final product is logically linked, the discovery is not a matter of logical thinking.”

Mind vs brain philosophy-The other philosophers quoted Einstein’s feeling. Hume and Newton do not understand Newton’s laws as laws of the universe. Hume believes that there is no natural law in practice, because all theories that claim this fact are uncertain and will be refuted. Kant will say that Newton’s law is concerned only with the appearance of things and does not involve the appearance of things. Mind vs brain therefore, all things are not the laws of the universe, but the product of human thought. For Newton’s law, Newton’s law was “prima facie”, but not after it. Quantum mechanics is now struggling with these same philosophical issues, all leading to an understanding of consciousness. The advent of quantum mechanics forced physicists to become philosophers again.

Mind vs brain One of the basic places of quantitative research is that quantum (energy) are inseparable. “Integrity is inseparable, integrity is inseparable … At the moment of observation, observers and observers are one and the same unit. Particle also describes that there is at least greater intelligence in understanding the amount of mental intelligence. Not only did intelligence not break down to the state of the brain, it did not even say the atoms and quarks we observed. When observing the waves and particles and their behavior, physicists discovered that once they observed their behavior was different. In fact, it may create awareness for them.

Mind vs brain In addition, fellow Max Bourne, Pascual Jordan, stated that observation will not only disrupt what is measured, but also produce it. “We forced the electronics to make a decision, we forced them to take a certain position; before they were not here or there, they did not make a specific decision. We produced our own measurement results.” . Mind vs brain Is consciousness just a set of chemical functions in our brains,kkjknetwork of neurons that billions of cells link to each other, or are they more complex, not just outside the brain, but also completely separate from them? Without this physical tool, does brain function prevent awareness? Kant, Bohr, Einstein and others will say no. It seems that philosophy and science revolve around mind vs brain to return to the same house in a blind alley.

Consciousness or reason is not a problem. But even quantum mechanics can barely describe consciousness.

With the support of quantum mind theory,Mind vs brain renowned sports physicist Roger Benrose believes that extensive quantitative consistency is necessary to understand the brain and spirit. Quantitative coherence is a state of equilibrium when the frequencies of two people react constructively.

Mind vs brain-The main argument against the quantum mind is that the brain is warm, wet, and noisy, and the brain structure is very large, quantum mechanics is very important. Therefore, it is difficult to form coherent amounts of the brain for a long time, and can not be in size in order of size of the neuron. These problems led to the belief that consciousness is not the result of interactions between neurons in the brain; it is produced by micro-tubes inside cells. The size of microliths in cells is much smaller, and the quantitative effect may be significant. This was originally the theory of Stuart Hamirov.
Mind vs Brain-complex signal

On the other hand, the measurement system will not stop due to humidity and noise. Then, the recently discovered “noise” in the brain is a complex signal..
Mind vs brain stewart hameroff article
In an article recently published in the magazine EnlightenNext, Stewart Hameroff described the possible solution to the problem of accurate understanding of MD physics based on the knowledge of quantum physics. “Microtubules are molecular assemblies; it is a single protein peanut. The repeating pattern consists of a polymer cylinder called Tobeulen Form which can bend “open” and “closed.”

Collecting Alonbobolin protein with a hexagonal grid-like wall, these elegant cylinders hollow. need neurons. A lot of Almikrotkpol’s. If you look inside a single nerve cell, there are hundreds of tubes that make up a hundred million units of protein Humphrey believes that although scientists believe that communication between neurons is the basis of consciousness, nanotubes The existence can actually explain the physical basis of consciousness.

Mind vs brain algorithms-Although there are 100 billion nerve cells in our brain, the number of microbial bacteria in each neuron is as much as 100 times. Therefore, each neuron has consciousness or at least some structure to support consciousness. This brings us back to how to get rid of the real problem.
Mind vs brain Sir Roger Ben Ross believes that consciousness involves something that cannot be ignored.

This is explained in Godel’s theory.Mind vs brain Gödel is actually two mathematical theories. Putting all the most trivial mathematics in the intuitive system, the theory, which proved Gödel in 1931, was also an important inherent limitation in the philosophy of mathematical logic and mathematics.

“The interpretation of the results shows extensively that it is impossible for Hilbert’s program to find a complete, consistent axiom of every mathematics and to provide a negative answer to Hilbert II’s questions.”

The first unfinished theory points out that without a fixed assumption, the theoretical insertion of an “effective action” system (basically, a computer program) can prove all facts about natural numbers. For any of these types of systems, there will always be statements about the correct natural number, but they will not remain in the system. The second article shows the unfinished theory that if the system is able to prove a particular mathematical fact about natural numbers, the system cannot prove some of the basic facts of the consistency of the system itself. “

Mind vs brain Using Hamirov’s new discovery, Penrose and Gödel have concluded with your intuition that it is not just the case that human observers need to undo the overlap (often called the interpretation of quantum mechanics by Kopinhagan), but that the superposition collapses naturally. In this model, consciousness takes place as a series of individual events (these events are superimposed on the quantum realm) and we treat it as a conscious experience. However, conscious moments and quantum waves are the same event. Attributable to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Roger thinks that the curvature of space in spacetime also appears in this very small range, just like the work of microtubules in the brain. Therefore, for these thinkers, thought is not important, but consciousness and matter are inextricably linked.

Tell us philosopher Yogi, Patanjali, “When they are inspired by a gigantic purpose, some special projects, all ideas break their bonds: Your mind goes beyond borders and expands your consciousness in every direction you You will find yourself in a new, exciting and exciting world and become underactive schools and talents. Live and find yourself a bigger person than you dreamed of. ”
Mind vs brain physical limits

Whether the brain is in the brain or beyond these physical limits, it is obviously huge. The spark of the eternal fire or the tide of the vast ocean is a proper metaphor to describe. Before Kant, Plato, Descartes, Einstein, Bohr and Socrates proposed their thinking, the nature of cosmic thought has been described for centuries. Mahatma Gandhi told us: “You can shoot me, you can torture me, so you can destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” If the mind is indestructible, far beyond our grasp, then study Is its origin really important? It is natural that the mind wants to know itself. Mind vs brain most important thing to know,This era of human evolution refers to the consciousness to know and have conscious ability. This is just an evolutionary leap.

Maybe we can agree with David Chalmers. “Many neuroscience and psychology, people are taught to do the understanding of the neural and cognitive processes without having to actually minimize the ongoing work of these operations.. [I agree with this. ” This may not be between mind vs brain or the mind and the brain The controversy is a question both before and after, but a matter of quantitative reality: the overlap of thought and substance.

Mind vs Brain conclusion
All of the above in mind vs brain is for your seekness about consciousness. Its for knowing consciousness between mind vs brain. I elaborate philosophy too between mind vs brain. Along both there is pyschology and facts are also between mind vs brain.
Many references you read in mind vs brain article. Thankyou for reading our article on Mind vs brain (consciousness).

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