Malala Yusufzai – Pakistanis Hates her

Malala Yusafzai Pakistan Nobel Award winner


Malala Yousufzai – Pakistanis hates her
Truth behind Malala – What is reality of Malala Yusufzai. Who is Malala Yusufzai in Facts wise – Why Malala Always Hates by Pakistanis. Lets just dive into reality of Malala.

Malala Yusufzai


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The West is commemorating the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yusufzai. Pakistanis hate and marry her.

Holding a non-governmental organization, the Pakistani Activists banner during the event to celebrate the award of the Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize activist in Islamabad field in the education Malala Yusufzai Ewoosafsaa October 14, 2014 Malayan Ewoosafsaa Award did not Lost the Nobel Peace Prize for only a little time to meet the title Last week, the two rival leaders India and Pakistan accompany her and her winning colleague Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian rights activist, to attend the award ceremony. But just a few hours later, the new exchanges between the controversial Kashmir region in the fire-fighting forces in the Himalayas have led to a good reminder.  The prospects for lasting peace are still far away. should be read by Amer Qureshi .
On July 7. Malala Yusufzai release her first tweet. In a matter of hours

 She won hundreds of followers and was warmly welcomed by Twittersphere. In the next few days. When the word appeared in recent social media graduation from high school and celebrated its tenth birthday. He got dozens of Twitter users. Including philanthropists, politicians. Workers in the entertainment field. Praise for honesty and congratulations.

The response seems only natural because of the story of Malala  Yusufzai – from the 2012. Ktalbbh on her head photograph arm Taliban. Becoming a Nobel laureate to female education in the rest of the world.

Her home worked outside. UK since 2013 The journey since.

However, as always, some of her Pakistani colleagues responded in completely different ways.

Many Twitter in Pakistan consider it shameful and treacherous. When tweets were published about the tweets of this description, Pakistanis made new mistakes because of lack of citizenship. Criticism on this: Malala Yusufzai has nothing special. Many Pakistani children suffer even more than in Malala. What did Malala Yusufzai do to Pakistan? Why does the world love Malala Yusufzai so much? If Malala Yusufzai is really interested in Pakistan, why not come back? Sharp criticism also includes an unusual but common conspiracy theory: it was shot dead.
Pakistanis Apreciate Malala

There is no doubt that many Pakistanis appreciate and accept Malala Also Malala abilities. Readers of the magazine’s readers voted to vote for the Pakistani magazine. People from 2012 to 2014 this year, a public opinion poll conducted by the Pew Foundation found that 30% of the respondents have given their good opinion (this is a relatively low point, But opinions still above 20% seem unfavorable).

But Malala Yusufzai is not a national hero. Many people have been rejected abroad by many people, including middle-class Pakistanis who may think this is their most admired person.

Malala Yusufzai and CPEC

In an interview with the media over the past few years, Pakistani people from different backgrounds – students, vendors, shop owners, reporters, housewives, and even human rights activists – have rejected Malala. In November 2014, a month after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pakistani Private School League – claiming to represent 150,000 schools – announced that “I was not Malala” the day and called for the ban on her memoirs. I am a horse. Lara. Even hostility comes from its own community. In May, Pakistani parliamentarians from Swat, the hometown of Malala Yusufzai, said that the attack was planned in advance and organized by various organizers – in parallel with Pakistan’s official government. Her bestseller was not completely off the shelves of Pakistan (although some libraries refused to sell because of the Taliban’s threat and local police requirements).
At one level, these feelings were attributed to the power of conspiracy theories. Pakistani journalists once ridiculed this theory as the only growth industry in the country. They are everywhere in Pakistan, they have seen it in textbooks and heard it in religious sermons and television shows in prime time. In part, this is the power of extremism and a byproduct of the poverty education system. However, the fact of national politics also played a role. Opaque institutions, such as a strong army, has a major role in shaping the country’s fate, the main policy – including China recently – Pakistan economic corridor – often lower transparency implementation. At the same time, government and military officials often attribute a wide range of policy issues (from water shortages to military forces) to external forces. In an environment where information is scarce, alien crime games often generate conspiracies.

Malala Yusufzai – Dawn News

In 2013, Dawn newspaper signed Pakistan to meet the needs of the English-speaking elite, highly educated in the country, he published a brutal blog post satirical shooting in Malala’s. It “reveals” how the CIA’s mission is to plan a fire. Lead? American actor Robert De Niro (“Homosexuality as Your Uzbek”). This is the depth of the power of conspiracy theory in Pakistan, where some readers believe this silly story. Dawn must add that the work is fantastic.

The middle class in Pakistan – a rapidly growing demographic group that reflects a conservative view of America – is the first and consumer of this conspiracy. But there are others who support them, including political elites and even some members of Pakistani Americans. A citizen diaspora in Pakistan – born and raised in the United States young well-educated members – have looked into my eyes, adhering to the CIA, not shooting the Taliban mullahs.

The meaning is clear: if you think the attack on Malala Yusufzai has been organized, there is no need to respect them, let alone respect them.

Pakistan’s deep mistrust of the West in which it now lives reinforces the plot against Malala. Many people complain that they harbor designs in their own country. This view is fair and effective at least to some extent. Mark De Maze in the book “Knife Approach” The CIA in detail, enjoy a broader role in Pakistan – perhaps the most obvious discovery by recruiting Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi arrive at the start of a fake vaccination campaign to track bin Laden. However, many Pakistanis believe that the West – through its strong embrace of Malala Yusufzai, as well as unlimited access to the alleged – granted exceptional platform and higher corridors of power – is used for its own purposes, no matter what they are?

Malala Yusufzai from BBC to USA

The disclosure in 2013 showed that the Malala Yusufzai family retained Edelman, the largest public relations firm in the United States, to help its media department, which only exacerbated these uncertainties. Therefore, the views of Malala Yusufzafi and her father Kyudeng are in line with many views in the West. Ziauddin was associated with the nationalist Awami Party, a leftist and secular party in a conservative and religious country. Even before Malala Yusufzai attack, everyone supported girls’ education. Malala Yusufzai also wrote blogs for the BBC (despite being anonymous) and interviewed the New York Times (the subject of the 2009 documentary). His father’s information passed on to the main theme of earlier – against the Taliban and the importance of girls’ education opportunities – struck a chord in the West, in Pakistan also because of major repercussions. However, in a conservative patriarchal society like Pakistan, such views make many people feel unhappy. The fact that these views are passed on to famous Western publications may raise doubts.
Malala Yusufzai – Views of Taliban on her
Frankly, a Taliban leader later claimed in an open letter to Malala that his organization had targeted her not because of her educational propaganda but because of the “propaganda” against the Taliban.
The conspiracy ideas of the Pakistani people are so strong that Malala Yusufzai actual work and the news, most of which serve Pakistan in the most concrete and least convincing way, can easily be tolerated. The Malala Foundation oversees many of Pakistan’s plans. According to the UNFPA website, this includes providing educational opportunities for girls who work at home; developing educational programs for children who have fled the conflict; reforming classrooms and providing school supplies to girls’ schools affected by floods. In January of this year, Malala Yusufzai announced a new $ 10 million initiative to invest in local education promotion projects, including Pakistan. “I am proud to be a Pashtun, a Pakistani and a Muslim,” said one of Malala Yusufzai first memoirs. Malala hoped that one day Malala Yusufzai would become a Pakistani prime minister even if the Pakistanis hated the Pakistani people. I love Pakistan forever.
Malala Yusufzai Conclusion
Malala is reality or Propaganda, whoever but she has Nobel prize. We cant deny to Malala Nobel achievement.

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