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Why we are losing brain neurons day by day?

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Why are we losing brain neurons day by day?

Brain neurons
Brain neurons

There is no doubt that we are losing brain neurons day bay. In the present age, brain neurons are increasingly losing in the human brain. There are several causes behind lose of brain neurons. We should avoid these causes to save brain neurons. I am practically done these things to protect my brain neurons. You all have to protect your brain neurons. Firstly we should know how brain neurons lost. After that, we will be able to save brain neurons. Hope you all knew what our brain neurons. Otherwise, you cant understand this article, if you don’t know what our brain neurons.
We almost begin to lose neurons (brain cells) immediately after birth, and after the birth of our lives, there are forming some brain neurons.

But this is not a “bad thing”! In fact, it is an important part of healthy brain function. It turns out that proper brain development requires the destruction of “excess” neurons.

In neuroscience, we call this programmed death of the cell “apoptosis.” If a disturbance occurs, it can lead to a series of developmental, behavioral and cognitive problems.

The idea is that brain

neuron are expensive, and the brain needs maintenance. Accordingly, to prevent neuronal apoptosis and survival, it requires constant access to the input and transmission of the signal from other neurons. It should be used or removed.

The phrase we use is “shoot together, connect together.” The opposite is “used or lost.”

Although this process of cell death culminated shortly after birth, in many areas of the brain (such as frontal cortex), which remains even in a brief period, even in life without even any other diseases.

Remember, in the brain, as in many aspects of life, more is not always “better.” Sometimes it is about efficiency and product improvement.

Food Additives – Food additives contain a group of compounds commonly referred to as “exotoxins,” which slow down and disrupt cognitive development in the brain. “Some Poisons”? Not only exists in some foods, but also in almost all processed foods. The best way to avoid future health problems and maintain a healthy mind is to eat healthy and untreated food.

Exposure to insecticides – It is always important to use pesticides or take precautions in the area around the insecticide. Insecticides quickly kill brain cells and cause mental and physical developmental abnormalities. If you are in an environment where common pesticides are exposed, please go out and save yourself, or inform the authorities about the companies and people who use pesticides. Pesticides are related to Parkinson’s disease and many other forms of mental illness!

A lot of tension – a little anxiety is healthy for everyone. Maintain power and motivation to achieve the goal. When stress goes uncontrollably to an adrenaline surge, your body produces excessive amounts of chemical cortisol. This cortisol is mostly something that kills brain cells. Please do not be nervous after reading.

Exposure to electricity – Short-term and long-term exposure to power can have a severe impact on your heart. Force will not only cause you to lose some brain cells but also cause you to lose millions! If you or someone you know has been using electricity, you may need to take special precautions or reconsider!
It is a chronic, negative thinker – Negative thinking does not lead to any loss of brain cells at all. Most people often have negative thoughts in their consciousness. When negative thinking exceeds limits, Create pressure and make ill-advised decisions, like drug abuse like Ecstasy, to improve your mood in the club when you may lose brain cells. Adverse side effects and byproducts of negative thinking make you more likely to participate in activities that kill brain cells. Negative thinking is an indirect killer. Surrounded by an active and healthy circle of friends!

Post-traumatic stress disorder – Unfortunately, people with PTSD deal with memory problems, anxiety, memory, and brain cell loss. PTSD causes the brain to produce excessive amounts of the stress hormone “cortisol,” which kills brain cells. Like other stress-related diseases, they will not lose significant numbers of brain cells overnight, but if they are not correct assist and treat, they will undoubtedly lose a lot of brain cells.

Head Trauma – The horrible head trauma is that not only kills brain cells, but it destroys the ability of the brain to repair itself after injury. Head injury associated with Parkinson’s disease and the treatment of poorly computer-related head injuries within the brain – always trying to protect your head whenever engaging in contact with the sport, or at work, or riding a motorcycle, etc.

High levels of testosterone – High levels of testosterone have been shown to damage brain health and kill brain cells. If you are taking supplements that increase testosterone levels, be aware that too many supplements can cause your brain cells to die!

Chemotherapy – Unfortunately, those who have received chemotherapy not only kill cancer cells but your brain cells are also useful. To avoid cancer, take measures to reduce the risk of cancer, such as a healthy diet, exercise, get proper sleep and so on. Not everyone can avoid disease, but of course, you can try hard.

A weary event – yes, reading correctly – only one stressful event can kill brain cells. If you live in a high-end environment, you are always busy, and it doesn’t take long to cool down. Your brain is often overactive, and brain cells are lost. If you know that you will encounter stressful events, I suggest that you learn how to deal with stress, such as meditation, deep breathing, guided photography, yoga and so on. There are many things you can do to reduce the stress response to stressful events

Smoking – smoking behavior only harms your health and well-being – may have a substantial psychological impact – in fact, the truth is that scientists are in fact the fact that scientists smoke cigarettes. There are many neuronal proliferation events. If you are a smoker, try to get rid of this habit. If you do not burn, keep it and encourage smokers to stop smoking.

Doping – Doping is a bad thing for you both mentally and physically. Known in class [2] previous active activities consume brain death. Steroid causes an increase in premature deaths to increase the rise in suicidal deaths, Zero Satisfy this period, take the time to lift the necessary weight, do not expect to get “torn”? You will live a better life in a beautiful life plan overnight.

Anxiety and panic – Anxiety and fear in extreme conditions will undoubtedly stress, release cortisol, kill brain cells in severe forms. Moderate and mild forms of anxiety and panic may not seem comfortable, but they may not hurt your mind. Persistent, learn valuable coping techniques, watch medications that prevent you from losing brain cells from anxiety and panic.

Lipstick – Yes, it will give you a “high” paint for a while, but it will cause severe brain damage. Avoid inhaling substances, such as paint, and keeping your brain cells healthier than killing your brain cells. The bad news is that the smell of paint will kill you – For the first time if you’re addicted to addiction, get away from these things and get help now.

Carbon monoxide poisoning-the same carbon monoxide can kill brain cells, but brain cells are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, which is mainly due to the fact that there is not enough oxygen to enter the brain.

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, take the necessary family precautions, such as installing a detector and checking for burns.

The disastrous form of Lyme disease-Lyme disease causes memory loss and loses brain cells if not treated for a long time. Lyme disease is usually performed by deer ticks but can be found in other types of ticks.

To avoid Lyme disease, it is recommended that you always check your body through the jungle for a long time mission.

Concussion – Unfortunately, most people don’t have much control over getting orgasms. The truth is that tremors are nerve killers and should be avoided if possible. There are special precautions to prevent orgasm like: wear helmets in substantial contact, wear helmets when you ride your motorbike, and even wear masks when you ride your bike.

Taking Aspartame – If you do not know, Aspartame is an industrial solution for gums, candies, and nutrients. Several studies have linked aspartame with the destruction of brain cells. This is a highly controversial substance that has been shown to be harmful to health in some studies and has been shown to be safe in other situations. In both cases, I avoided using aspartame. There is no risk of brain cells.

Indoor Air Pollution – Internal air pollution affects the spinal cord, kidneys, blood cells, central nervous system, and brain. Depending on the type of indoor air pollution, its effects may never be noticed leading to brain cell loss. It is essential to keep the air in your home and business clean and breathe safely. Do not reduce the possibility of indoor air pollution causing harm to your health and mind!


Lack of sleep quality – As we all know, when we do not have enough sleep, we will not be able to work the next day correctly! Not only does it lack good sleep due to learning and social functions (half of the left brain) but it also kills brain cells. To prevent the loss of brain cells due to lack of sleep, it is recommended that you sleep well. Some people have only 6 hours of sleep, while nine people need to keep their heads awake. You must judge what is best for your body and your brain!
Narcolepsy – drowsiness – a disorder characterized by excessive sleep during the day and uncontrolled sleep. Studies have shown that narcolepsy kills the “hypothalamus” brain cells found in the hippocampus.


People who do not suffer from narcolepsy suffer from about 70,000 brain cells (hypocretin), while neurons (3,000 to 10,000) have much lower numbers. Fortunately, we are continually developing new developments and treatments to help the applaud!

Formaldehyde-formaldehyde can be found in forest fires, car smoke, and tobacco smoke. Formaldehyde can consume brain cells and reduce the number of cells in the brain. Exposure to formaldehyde can cause eye and nose burning, coughing, difficulty breathing, and can cause leukemia. Formaldehyde should be avoided for physical and mental health.

Radiotherapy – Not surprisingly, radiation therapy destroys brain cells. After all, radiation therapy can destroy the DNA of cancer cells. Some other cells are damaged by radiation that aims to remove cancer cells, and dead brain cells die. Most medically accepted cancer treatments involve the killing of healthy and unhealthy brain cells.

Laughing. Nitrous oxide – When nitrous oxide is used in a controlled environment such as a dentist’s office, it works well, does not cause damage to the brain, and carefully monitors the content of the substance. When nitrous oxide is misused and misused, it can cause brain damage and cell loss. Don’t worry about the next time the dentist uses these things. Do not use these things in a non-medical environment. You will be fine.

Use of Ketamine – Ketamine is a common anesthetic that drives brain cells to absorb glutamate. Proteins are essential for cell communication and survival. For nitrous oxide, the use of ketamine should be limited to medical professionals. The purpose of an appropriate amount of ketamine may not cause too much damage.

With PCC – commonly referred to as “angel dust,” PCP (phencyclidine) can cause memory problems, inability to control thoughts and necessary work. PCP is associated with injury in the frontal lobe, and most drugs contribute to brain cell death. Pentachlorophenol is dangerous, stimulating dangerous behavior and should avoid maintaining a healthy brain.

Brain neurons

These all above was causes of losing brain neurons.

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