Islam about Dogs-Does Islam allows keeping of Dogs?

Islam about Dogs


Islam about Dogs

Islam about dogs


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  • What are rules of keeping dogs.
  • Piano Tiles 2 – Earn as much as you Want    What are algorithms of Islam about Dogs. Does Islam allows you to keep dog?. You will read below on Islam About Dogs. Some people love welfare of dogs. Am talking about Muslims. Muslim people are really increasing the keeping of dogs. Even most of them dont know information of Islam about Dogs. They are keeping Dogs day by dayo more and more. Lets read what is Islam about dogs. May you will disappoint after reading our article Islam about Dogs. But we are trying to display best on our site for your engagement. well Do you know what is Islam about Dogs?. No, then read with elaboration on Islam about Dogs.

Keeping the dog is unclean and – if a Muslim man keeps the dog just guarding the house outside the house – put the dog at the end of the complex and how should he clean himself if he can’t find any dirt or mud to clean up his stuff, there is another Ways to clean yourself? [Sometimes, with dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, etc.]

Praise God, the Lord of the world.
the first:

Islam prohibits Muslims from keeping dogs, and punishes people who do it who have lost one or two of his outstanding works of powder meal every day. The exception is keeping the hounds, guarding the cows and protecting the crops.

By Abu Huller, may God bless his prophet peace is he said: “Who raised the dog, in addition to sponsoring the dog or fishing or breeding, deducted from Alaqrat” every day from his wage “Muslim 0.1575 hadith.

This was probably blessed by Allah from Abdullah Ibn’Umer. He said: Allah’s messenger, peace is he said: “Who raised the dog, except for the cattle dog.” This is the training of the dog, the two will Deducting qiraats from their pay each day “by the Hadith of Bukhari 0.5163; Muslims 0.1574.

Can you keep a dog to defend your house?
Al-Nawawi said:

There are disagreements as to whether dogs can be used for purposes other than these, such as guarding houses and roads. The most effective point is that on the basis of these three and based on the understanding of the Hadith, this is necessary. End quote.

Explaining Muslims, 10/236

Sheikh Ibn-Esaih (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

On this basis, if the house in the city center has no need to continue to protect its dog, so raising the dog for this purpose, in this case is a holy place that does not allow, and lower one or two Alkirat. People who reward daily. You should get rid of this dog instead of keeping it. However, if the house is in the countryside and nobody else, it may be possible to keep the dog guarding the house and who is its person. The protection of the family is more important than protecting the livestock or the final price of the crop.

Mujtaba Fataawa Ibn’Uthaymeen, 4/246

There are many scientific opinions about “one of the readings” in the reconciliation report and those of “caraten.”

Al-Hafiz al-Ani

(A) It may be related to two dogs, one of which may cause more damage.

(B) It is said that “two standards” are implemented in townships, and “qarat” is implemented in rural areas.

(C) They came to Qiloa at two different times and said: “Read” a lead report, then warn the image more strictly Kiratan.

“Mayor Al-Qari, 12/158.


When it comes to liquids, “Keep the dog a Nyagism.” This is not exactly true because impurities (impurities) are not in the same dog and they are in their saliva when you drink from the vase. If a person encounters a dog or a dog that comes into contact with him, this does not mean that he must clean up himself, either with soil or water. But if a dog drinks from his car, he should throw it away and rinse it with water seven times if he wants to wash it with water for the eighth time. If it is made only for dogs, no purification is required.

By Abu Huller, May Allah be blessed with Him, Allah’s messenger, peace is He said: “Your clean boat, if you beat the dog, wash seven times, first time with the soil.” Muslim. 279 Nararted.

According to the latest report of the Muslims (280): “If the dog licks your vase, let him wash it seven times, the eighth time in Afrckh’s soil.”

Sheikh Islam Ibn Taymeh (may Allah have mercy on him)

With respect to dogs, scientists have three ideas:

1 – They are pure (pure) but saliva. This is the owner’s point of view.

2 – They are unclean (unclean) and even their hair. This is Safari’s point of view. This is one of the two views on Ahmed.

3 – Their hair is pure but their saliva is effective. This is the view of Abu Hanifa and Ahmad in another report he reported.

This is the correct view. Therefore, if the dog’s hair is gently attached to a piece of clothing or body, it will not make him a survivor. End quote.

Mujtaba al-Fatawa, 21/530.

In other places he said:

This is because of its basic principle that the material is perfect and may not be what Kmjeeat regards as holy or without evidence, because Allah says (explains meaning):

“In explaining to you in detail what is forbidden by you.

Islam about Dogs Conclusion

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