Why ISI is no 1

Inter services intelligence


ISI is world no one agency in the world.

Why ISI is no one
Why ISI is no one

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It has most potent intelligence wing in the world. Undoubtedly no agency can beat ISI. It has no competition, but other agencies have a game on a frame.
The establishment of any intelligence agency in the world is similar. They have different offices to deal with national interests. They have anti-intelligence departments and various departments to conduct secret investigations and surveillance. They also have special operations teams that deal with arrests, kidnappings, and interrogations of suspects. Have secret facilities to train civilians to use these civilians in enemy countries and to monitor and intercept communications networks used by suspects and hostile elements.

Almost every intelligence agency is excellent and useful in gathering, organizing and disseminating information for the use of departments or departments. Since this type of work is a daily work, people who do this work rarely express their appreciation for this institution. The most demanding jobs include counter-espionage activities, counterinsurgency operations in the country, and covert operations such as espionage, transfer, and destruction of services behind the enemy. Each intelligence agency has its gift box to show hidden mistakes
There should be no institutional comparison. Agents work in one or more technical ways. They learn from each other. Of course, they will recruit their people from friendly countries. Many heads of Pakistani intelligence agencies and their clients are receiving training from the United States and other countries. He is a registered registrar who said so in the interview.

The CIA has all the technical support the world can provide. For Mossad, the same is valid for raw, etc. ISI has something unique. I think there are fewer other agents than big spy agencies.

They are very clear in their lives and their deaths, in the Koran, if anyone considers themselves to be the correct interpretation of the religion students in the world mentioned by the Bible and other holy books until the support of Adam’s first person on Earth. They have a clear picture of what they are doing, very sacred and religious, and they are inherited by their ancestors and have just read Saladin. A book titled “The Legend of Traitors” is what I have read so far. The person who invented the spy was an Arab, specifically Saladin, and it began in the era of the Crusades.

Therefore, there is no comparison; we can not compare, through voting and technical support agencies, it is just nonsense to read and entertain themselves, of course, to increase visitors to the blog and even earn. It can only compared with the idea of ​​your work.

ISI will not be at the top or bottom, but they are playing through their own beliefs, which is the answer to the facts and questions of human history, and of course, where they win support to support their role.

I think people say that ISI is in the front row
ISI is not the best intelligence agency in the world, but there is no way to determine which agency is the best accuracy.

Regarding technology, it is CIA, NSA, NRO
In general, this is Russian GRU
In quiet and practical work, the British (playing a secondary role for the United States in technology) are MI6 and GCHQ
Above the impact weight, he is the Israeli Mossad.
In the case of a severe lack of transparency/accountability in the defeat of the Soviet Union, ISI is Pakistan.
and many more
However, if we look at ISI from the perspective of history and struggle from the country and its neighbors, we can accurately say that it is an institution that deserves super global power, if not a dominant force.

ISI does not benefit from the vast global awareness, cooperation, substantial budgetary and technical capabilities of the CIA or the National Security Agency. However, it always relies on unpredictability, cruelty, and lack of transparency to perform any task assigned to it.

The only face of ISI is its Director General (DG ISI) – he has been the deputy of the Pakistani army. It supervises about a dozen departments and knows nothing about their functions, responsibilities, capabilities, and locations.

Lack of understanding of ISI functions and capabilities gives it an advantage. ISI has always been unpredictable. One important measure to ensure this unpredictability is to provide that there is no ISI service from DG for more than three years.

And ISI did not stop her attack. This is mainly due to the high-precision target information pursued by the ISI, that is, the operations of the armed forces intelligence base have achieved significant benefits in such a short period, and reduced terrorist activities. The number of participants exceeds 50%.

All agencies fail – sometimes they are hacked, ignited, blinded, mismanaged, or sometimes just lost insight or vigilance.
1. ISI served as CIA’s intelligence tank during the Afghanistan War. However, ISI also hinders the interests of the United States at the ground level. They secretly helped senior TT officials who could not command the Taliban Corps. ISI plays the devil’s champion. Any local U.S. movement is continuously monitored. NATO ground operations are catastrophic. The United States plans to fool ISI nearly three times.


They did not later attempt to know that ISI was working in the local ether and could not be removed. ISI knew the position of Osama from the very beginning. The Central Intelligence Agency knew that they had no evidence to prove the ISI’s allegations. The CIA did not discover intellectual ingenuity. After the May 2 incident, ISI organized a high-level meeting and released a clear media announcement. As a disciplinary measure, the ISI team is working at FLUSHED, and the new official holds the position. This is to make the world believe that ISI knew Osama’s situation earlier.


But in Friday’s sermon, al-Qaeda chairman Ayman al-Zawahiri said that Pakistani intelligence has finally betrayed them, and al Qaeda will retaliate against their new enemies ISI and Pakistan. To prove this, the intermittent criticism of the ISI by the US Central Intelligence Agency did not share sensitive information that could end the full threat of Afghanistan at an early stage.

2. ISI recognizes the subtle changes in Indian political system and is full of enthusiasm. During the Kargil War, the entire warfare framework was creatively designed by General Musharraf and the ISI lobbying team. They know the weakness of the Indian government. At about the same time, the ruling National Democratic Rally (BJP+) was worried about the majority of people in the parliament (courtesy: The Carpet Wizard at the right time in Jayalalitha, Tamil Nadu).


Before the government could predict the cards in Kashmir, a full-scale war broke out. What is incredible is that Pakistanis can lay mines on the long national road 1 in India. Indian military personnel has not yet returned from winter vacation. Why can’t India’s security forces serve as frontier guards even after the summer is in good shape? Residents also work with Buck. ISI is a network with strong penetration in the areas of concern.


They extend the agent’s contract to regions of interest and ensure that they have a strong foothold before they begin stealth operations. Each client node contacts an anonymous node that is not even near it. This relationship is typical of masters and slaves. But in reality, slaves can’t know where the owner is. Even ISI’s methods of operation show that their customers do not require specialized training. They seem to recruit only ready-to-use assets for prying eyes.

4. Also, ISI successfully approved the uprising of Baluch and Vaziri (with the help of RAW). ISI itself create after East Parker lost. They learned from their mistakes Pakistani intelligence tactics, correcting past incidents in Pakistan. Pakistani intelligence has effectively isolated Pakistan’s nuclear interests from the interests of crude and the Mossad. Its indirect role in the war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union is legendary. I want to point out that in this war, the CIA secretly outsourced the entire intelligence database to ISI. Partial outsourcing of some influential positions also led to off-site decision makers. This is also a claim that ISI is helping China’s ambitions in Kashmir, India.

4. One of the everyday things between ISI and MOSAD is their goal and the way they wait – the behavioral method. Both organizations have a religious vision of the state, which in turn stimulates internal commitment. They have a clear understanding of the issues that need care and must not happen. Pakistani intelligence has not focused too much on the Middle East crisis. The Mossad never intervened in certain European affairs and was expected to cooperate with the CIA bed partner.


Both entered the target location because of the impact of its penetration. Some attempts were unsuccessful in RAW due to poor penetration (but this was the case in the past). Pakistan agency and Mossad have a precise definition of enemy motivation. Conversely, in addition to Pakistan, RAW must also deal with China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal. For these reasons, the RAW operating environment is more afraid of this agency. This is why RAW is not exclude.


Despite all aspects it is no one.

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