Iqrar-Ul-Hassan Finally Reveals Details About His Second Marriage And It Is Not What People Expected!


Iqrar-Ul-Hassan Finally Reveals Details About His Second Marriage

The showbiz and journalism sector of Pakistan is famous in the nation and understood all around the world. In the previous ten decades, among the most famous and hard-working personalities was the Iqrar-Ul-Hassan, the Sar-e-Aam front-man who functions for ARY News.

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But as lately, controversy has surrounded him seeing his next union. Iqrar has ever revealed himself as a family man to the nation, with his son Pehlaaj frequently taking center stage in his displays.


Another afternoon, Iqrar, on Twitter, approved for that real anchor Farah Hasan was his next wife. He explained that it was his ethical responsibility to notify his lovers of each detail in his lifetime, as anything he is now, is due to their love.

Eventually, displaying details, Iqrar-Ul-Hassan admitted he wed Farah Hasan nearly five decades back. The union wasn’t new. He explained that each in his lifetime, may they’re from work, his or her encircling, understands about his two unions. Iqrar reiterated he had two sisters before people even knew him before his blockbuster series had started.


Asserted that he didn’t need to take aide of their 4-marriage legislation in Shariah, he wanted people to recognize that this union was completed under challenging conditions. Not showing for that, Iqrar did mention it had been the requirement of the moment. On the other hand, the interior detail out of his announcement was the two sisters are excellent friends and live as a family.

Maintaining both his wives joyful, Iqrar-Ul-Hassan has purchased them homes that are near one another. When he is not about, his grandparents meet one another, go outside for lunches or dinners. Iqrar also told his supporters he wed Farah Hasan with the approval of his very first wive.


Iqrar’s lovers enormously appreciated the concept; his critics were closed silent after the movie announcement. Iqrar-Ul-Hassan, who’s served as the mysterious aid for lots of folks in the nation, deserves higher than scandals surrounding his private life.

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