Most successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the World

Billionaire Internet Entrepreneurs in the World


Most Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Ever

Most Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Ever
Most Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Ever

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These are most successful Internet Entrepreneurs. These Internet Entrepreneurs are highly admireable. These d internet Entrepreneurs change the world for themselve. Our another article will be publish soon regarding how to become internet entrepreneurs.


Read below article to know success stories of Entrepreneurs.

All of them are earning more than third World countries annual income. They gain success through creative ideas. And that idea put them into heaven of money. You will be surprise to read this article. These Entrepreneurs names are below:

Jeff Bezos

This is in technology and retail in the United States, investors, philanthropists and philanthropies, this is the best Amazon (, the founder and chairman of the board and CEO of the largest retailers in the global online shopping Businessman in the field. The company was originally an online book company and has expanded to include a wide range of products and services, the latest of which is video and audio streaming. is currently the world’s largest online sales company.

54 Amazon 83.00 $ B 1994
Mark Zuckerberg

It is an American computer programmer and an Internet programmer. He is the founder of Facebook and currently serves as chairman and chief executive officer. Forbes was named the world’s richest tycoon. Zuckerberg launched Facebook from the Harvard University Bedroom. His colleagues in the room helped him at the university and his Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

34 Facebook $ 63.30 B 2004
Larry Ellison

This is an American businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and enterprise, one of the founders of Oracle Corporation, and since the establishment of the CEO, until September 2014, is CEO and chief technology officer Oracle. Ellison donated 1% of its wealth to charities and signed a “bid promise.” In addition to his work at Oracle, Ellison has also achieved great success in yachting through the Oracle team in the United States. There are two military aircraft licensed pilots.

73 Oracle $61.00 B 1977
Larry Page
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An American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur, he co-founded Google with Sergey Brin. Page is CEO of Google Inc., and Alphabet Inc. returned to China in April 2011 after Google CEO resigned Eric Schmidt in August 2001. This page is the richest 12 people in the world. Page is the inventor of PageRank and an investor in Tesla Motors.

45 Google $49.30 B 1998
Sergey Brin

Russian-born computer scientists, Internet entrepreneurs and optimists. Co-founded Google with Larry Page. Google Alphabet Inc.’s parent company, Brin, surpasses Google.Brin and other more personal projects are trying to resolve in the Google philanthropy sector, investing mainly in the alternative energy industry to find a wider range of renewable energy in global energy and Climate issues.

44 Google $43.10 B 1998
Ma Yun

Jack, known as Ma Yun, is a Chinese businessman and founder and CEO of Alibaba Group (an Internet company). He is now the richest person in Asia and the richest 14 in the world. He has become a global icon for business and business, one of the world’s most influential businessmen, and a philanthropist known for his business philosophy.

53 Alibaba $41.80 1999
Ma Huateng

Also called Bonnie Ma, a Chinese businessman on the Internet. Tencent’s founder, president, chief executive officer and board member, one of China’s largest Internet companies. The company controls China’s largest mobile instant messaging service and its subsidiaries provide media, entertainment, internet and value-added services for mobile phones.

46 Tencent $ 24.90 b. 1998
Sun Zhengyi
The son of justice
He is a Japanese businessman, founder and current CEO of Softbank, CEO of Softbank Mobile, and currently president of Sprint. This is Japan’s richest man, despite the apparent loss of money in history (as much as 70 US$ billion in the dotcom crash in 2000). In 2011, in response to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Sun Masayoshi nuclear industry criticized the creation of a “problem today for fear of more Japanese” and participated in investing in Japan’s national solar network.

60 SoftBank $ 24.40 B 1981

Great Premji
Indian businessman, investor and optimizer, president of Wipro Co., Ltd. It is informally known as Caesars IT industry. Responsible for guiding Wipro’s diversification and growth over the past 40 years, becoming one of the world’s leading software companies. Premage owns 73% of Wipro and also owns private equity fund Private Equity Invest, which manages a $2 billion personal portfolio.

Ding Li
Also known as William Ding, is the founder and CEO of (NetEase). Ding made significant contributions to the development of computer networks in mainland China. After graduating, he initially worked as an engineer at the local Foreign Ministry in Ningbo, then went to Guangzhou and worked there. Netease founded in 2003 and became the richest person in mainland China.

Netease $ 17.30 b
Li Yanhong

Or Lee Yanhong is a Chinese Internet businessman. He co-founded Baidu, a Chinese search engine. Since its inception, Baidu Lee has been the company’s largest search engine in China and boasts more than 80% of the market for search queries, the second largest independent search engine in the world. Lee studied information management at Peking University and New York State University in Buffalo. In addition, Li also served as a member of the 12th CPPCC.

49 Baidu $ 14.30 B 2000
Stephen Cohen

US investors, hedge fund managers, and optimizers. He is the founder of Point72 Asset Management and S.A.C. Capital Consulting is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Third highest hedge fund manager. Cohen earned a degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After Wharton, Cohen worked as Wall Street’s junior trader in the arbitrage section of Grundl & Co. and ultimately managed a $ 75 million portfolio and six traders.

61 Point72 Asset Management $ 13.00 B 1992
Hasso Plattner

He is a German businessman. As one of the founders of SAP SE Software, he served as Chairman of the SAP SE Supervisory Board since May 2003. Plattner received many titles for his commitment to economics and science. The Global Integration Leadership Award was awarded to “Technical Experts” and brought to their Hall of Fame, the award was designed to reward those who promote economic and social development in Germany.

74 SAP SE $ 12.90 B 1972
Chef Nadar

He is an Indian industrialist and a good man. He is the founder and president of HCL and Shiv Nadar Foundation. Nadar founded HCL in the mid-1970s and transformed information technology companies into IT companies in the next 30 years by continually refocusing his company. Since the mid-1990s, he has been working on developing the Indian education system through the NIF Foundation.

72 HCL $ 12.70 B 1976
Liu Qiang Dong

Also known as Richard Liu, is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Jingdong or Jingdong Mall, and Jingdong Mall is one of the leading e-commerce industry leaders in China. As a young man, Liu Qiangdong is interested in politics. Liu studied at the Department of Sociology at Renmin University in China and is known for his relationship with the Chinese political elite. However, Liu learns computer programming in his spare time. $ 10.70 B 1998
Dustin Moscow Fitz
Dustin Moscow Fitz
A US entrepreneur in the Internet, co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saperin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes. In 2008, Facebook and Justin Rosenstein left to participate in the founding of Asana. In March 2011, Forbes reported that Moskowitz was the youngest self-made billionaire in Facebook history, based on 2.34% of his stake in Facebook. Moskowitz is also the largest angel investor in the track of photo sharing sites and is run by another former Facebook member.

34 Facebook $ 10.40 B 2004
January 17
He is an Internet inventor and computer programmer in the United States. Koum and Acton did not apply for Facebook. Later, Koum bought an iPhone and realized that the 7-month App Store was about to launch a completely new application industry. Com chose the name WhatsApp almost immediately because it looked like “what”. He is the CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp (with Brian Acton), a mobile messaging application purchased by Facebook Inc. Compared to $ 19.3 billion in February 2014.

$ 42 Watts Up
Ali Baba has been sold to a Pakistani few months ago. Nevertheless founder is still counts in world successful Internet Entrepreneurs. It is first Internet Company who have been sold out to a Pakistani in Billions of Dollars.
Ma Yun

Jack, known as Ma Yun, is a Chinese businessman and founder and CEO of Alibaba Group (an Internet company). He is now the richest person in Asia and the richest 14 in the world. He has become a global icon for business and business, one of the world’s most influential businessmen, and a philanthropist known for his business philosophy.

53 Alibaba $41.80 1999

Internet Entrepreneurs Conclusion
All of the above are richest

. By the Grace of God they are Billionairs. Earning Billion dollars every month. They are most successfull Internet Entrepreneurs.
An idea changes their life.
About the Author: Harry Kane and Deikhoo Team

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