Incognito plus Pro APK | fast private anonymous Browser

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Everybody wants privacy during surfing the internet. Whenever you are surfing the internet on common browsers actually, you are giving permission to the others to see your internet history. You may be surprised but in common browsers even you have deleted the internet history from your browser, it still is saved in your Gmail account. So, we are here sharing Incognito plus pro APK fast private anonymous Browser through this you can surf your internet privately and nobody can watch your internet history.

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Incognito plus Pro APK | fast private anonymous Browser

Incognito plus pro APK is the android application browser to run internet fast private and anonymously. It helps you to secure your internet history from other people which, wants to know about your internet history and wants to blackmail you. Here you can download the Incognito plus pro APK. Download it and install it and be safe and use the anonymous browser.

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Features of Incognito Plus Pro APK

Some of the great features of Incognito plus Pro APK are given below:
Browser History: Nobody can see your browser history.
Form Data: Forms on the internet you fill nobody watches them except you want through Incognito Pro plus APK.
Input Data: username, emails do not save at any place in the browser.
Passwords: browsers like chrome, Firefox save your passwords but this browser does not save them.
Cached Data and Files: files you upload and data you surf is safe from others.
Cookies: Here you can use login cookies but are no longer saved in whenever next time anybody sees browser there will be no cookies.
Location Information: This browser does not track you and help you to nobody can track you.
Fast download: lighting speed in downloading stuff.
Smart search: Quick and best-advanced search bar in the browser.
Quick access
Unlimited tabs

Screenshots of Incognito Plus Pro APK

Here below you can watch the screenshots of this browser:

Incognito plus Pro APK | fast private anonymous Browser

Incognito plus Pro APK | fast private anonymous Browser

Incognito plus Pro APK | fast private anonymous Browser

Download Incognito Plus Pro APK

You can download this browser through Google Play Store and from our server through below links:

Download Incognito Plus Pro Browser

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