Imran Khan’s Hilarious Remarks On His Third Marriage Rumors Will Leave You In Laughing Fits!


    Imran Khan’s Hilarious Remarks On His Third Marriage Rumors

    2018 in Pakistan began with a stack of gossipy tidbits concerning PTI Chairman, Imran Khan’s own life. News broke out that Imran Khan proposed his otherworldly guider, Bushra Manika for marriage. In the meantime, the way of all gossipy tidbits surfacing the news was not generally welcomed by Pakistanis.

    Source: SUCH TV

    The feeling among the majority was partitioned on this issue. Some really did not try to remark on his own life or decision, while some did not think that its going great at all in a privilege political prospect. Truth be told, huge numbers of his significant gathering individuals and supporters depended on hush while others really addressed why it was such a vital issue.

    In the meantime, PTI tended to every one of the bits of gossip in a Twitter post. The political party authoritatively affirmed that their pioneer really proposed Bushra Manika for marriage yet it is still all down to her decision.

    Furthermore, PTI totally censured the way it turned into a questionable embarrassment and news feature. It absolute held Umar Cheema, an eminent writer of the Jang Group in charge of giving it a state of a modest, newspaper style news.

    In any case, Imran Khan still did not end his quiet in general issue. Days after, he took to Twitter and in a progression of tweets, tended to the entire bit of news concerning his third marriage.


    Yet, what has truly made them talk is a current media appearance where clearly some news columnist have tossed the million dollar question crosswise over him. Keeping his cool in place, the PTI Chairman rather went on a clever note. He reviews what really happened when individuals were going insane and how he got some answers concerning it… Here’s the funny meeting he provided for nearby media a day or two ago:

    Oh, Dear Lord, he is on a roll, seriously! Where did that come from? The bit about the Sharif brothers was actually quite hilarious.

    Well, it’s not every day that you see Khan Sahab in such a mood. He actually gave us quite a reason to have a good laugh!

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