Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 – Victory Speech by Prime Minister

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First and foremost Congratulations to the hero of our Nation “Imran Khan” for the victory. Today is the day Pakistani people are celebrating for upcoming Naya Pakistan. Imran Khan Victory speech today after winning general elections was beyond our expectations. The step towards a healthy and prosperous future was seen in Imran Khan victory speech today.

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Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 – Victory Speech by Prime Minister

There were many points that should high light before these elections but Imran is the ones that spotlight on it.

In his Victory Speech today, he addressed to the nation and as well with many other countries for the better tomorrow and peace in the country.

He said his dreams for Pakistan which are for past 22 years are to be fulfilled. ALLAH has shown hurdles but after it, HE has also provided this phase to him.

Main Points of Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 – Victory Speech by Prime Minister


“Politics is giving nothing to me. Neither have I needed anything from it to live on. The potential of our country was going down because of corruption.  When I joined the politics I was dreaming for a Pakistan which our QUAID thought will go to be.” He said in his Victory Speech.


This election 2018 will be counted in the history of Pakistan. People had sacrificed a lot. Terrorism attempts were there but he appreciated the people of Baluchistan from overall Pakistani Nation for their bravery and courage. These all are the signs of our developing democracy of Pakistan. He thanked security forces and all the elections officers including his party members for their hard work and contributions.

Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 - Victory Speech by Prime Minister


He started with the name of Hazrat Muhammad SAW as how HE founded the Madina city full of humanity and love. It was for the first time when the state of humanitarianism was formed. He simply said that he is having a vision for Pakistan as a country of humanity and love spirit.

He said he wants to take the responsibility of needy people, but what had happened was opposite to it. We cannot say Pakistan as a superior dream when people here are below or averaged counted as poor and are having no food even to eat. No place to live. My policies will be especially for poor people that how we can make it vanish from the nation that there was any poor. There will be no poor in Pakistan. Our 45% percent of children in Pakistan are having stunt growths which are all from poor families.

Mostly women in Pakistan die at the time of delivery because we can’t provide them the basic need of health care.

As compared to other countries, we are having the highest death rate due to unhealthy water. 

Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 - Victory Speech by Prime Minister

We are going to pull hard towards this society and brought them up from all these poorness. A country’s identity is seen by this that how the society of poor people living? No country can develop rather it is seen that a lake of rich people are doing good but there is an ocean of poor people. He put China as an example of this act as China dragged out 70 crore people out of poverty in 30 years. He said that the nation of Madina is the one that gave us the clear picture of how to spend from rich to the poor.


He said that at this moment I want the nation to be UNITED. Even those who didn’t vote for me.  I have never seen any of these attacks in the history of the world to any leader that was to me for 3 years. But he said he forgot that all and for him only his country’s development matters.

In his victory speech, he said that this will be the first government that will not do any kind of political victimization. We will do take action if any one of us whether poor or rich will go against the law of this country. The strong state agencies will stop corruption even to me and my party members. There will be accountability from him.

“LAW IS SAME FOR EVERYONE. This will be the top guiding principle.” Imran Khan Speech Today 


Today Pakistan is facing the huge economic challenge. There wasn’t any fiscal and trade deficit. Pakistan never took huge amounts as loans. Pakistani currency never faces this huge devaluation. These are all because the institutes that are not working, those who should.

Overseas Pakistanis will be invited back to Pakistan. We will show them the way to invest after making the government perfect. This never happened before because of corruption.

Pakistan will be the country of best governance that was never led before. People here are not paying tax because they can see how the rulers are spending those on themselves.

He pledged in his victory speech that he will secure the tax money of Pakistan. We will reduce our expenses. He said the PM House is a shame for him to live in while a thought that poor people are having no roofs. We will use all governors houses as public needs. PM House will be set as an educational institute.

Nathia Gali’s governor house will be set as the hotel for the better income result for the country.

The point is that he will vanish the system of eating tax of country by rulers and he will start this for himself.

“Our money will be utilized in Human Development.” Imran Khan Speech Today. 


Pakistan is the country that needs peace and for this, we should have good relations with our neighboring countries.  We will build more strength with the relationship of our country with China. We will learn a lot from this country about poverty.  The second country is Afghanistan, It is the country of violence, if it has peace Pakistan will have it same.  Even Pakistan will contribute a lot to this action. It’s a wish that Afghanistan and Pakistan have open borders. Thirdly, he addressed the United States as a country with mutual benefits with Pakistan. Lastly, Iran, Saudia Arabia, our best friend in need, we will try our level the best to build a more strong relationship with our neighboring countries.

Imran Khan Victory Speech Today 2018 - Victory Speech by Prime Minister

India; He said that Indian Media portray him as a Bollywood Villain. They portray it as if Imran Khan will be a PM everything will be worst. Because of cricket, I am the person who knows India and it’s people the most. I want to finish the issues of both the countries which are quite similar but amongst all we both have a core issue of JAMMU KASHMIR.

He said that we are ready for every step towards happiness and peace. It will be a better world if all negativity and blame games will be sort or verbally.

In the end, he pledged that he will make Pakistan a country with the best governance system. Simplicity will be adopted. The symbols of richness and protocol will be vanishing. But the most important is the policies will be made with the best view on poor people.


Finally, on rigging. Today political parties claim there was rigging. The first thing he said was that this election commission was formed by the two main political parties, the PPP and PML-N. This was not a PTI election commission. He says to you today, if you say there was rigging in any one constituency, we will stand with you and aid in its investigation.

Today I say, in any constituency you want to investigate, we are ready to stand with you and investigate it. This is the cleanest election in Pakistan’s history.

The viewpoints of our leader are the best of all. He is showing us the hope towards a country full of peace, humanity, and a country clean of corruption.

We Deikhoo team are excited for the upcoming Naya Pakistan and are inspired by Imran Khan speech today. What are your views on it kindly share them below in comments?


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