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top teams in Fifa wc 2018 Russia top footballers in Fifa wc 2018

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Fifa wc 2018
Fifa wc 2018

Fifa world cup 2018 predictions [ Top 12 teams of Fifa world cup 2018 ] Road to Fifa wc 2018 Russia

Everyone is seeking about ( Who will win Fifa wc 2018) after my deep research to know which team have chances to won world cup 2018 i aimed at writing my research for you.

There are many top teams in Fifa wc 2018 , to know world cup 2018 predictions you have to first look at  top footballers in world cup Russia 2018 who can win the world cup trophy 2018 for their team. In this article i will elaborate who are favourites in world cup 2018.

Am Harry dont leave or skip until end of the article. Quotation (A team can never win unless a team is equipped with good players)

Who will win Fifa wc 2018 Russia trophy

Which team Rank at top in Fifa wc 2018

Football world cup top teams

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 France for Fifa wc 2018 , yes France is No 1 in Fifa wc 2018 race this team is 100% going to win Fifa wc 2018 due to combination for Fifa wc 2018. This team is full of weapons for Fifa wc 2018. Capability to compete any side in Fifa wc 2018. Rank No 1 in the Fifa wc 2018 winning fight. Te Amo, to France to win Fifa wc 2018.

I think the French team, has the highest chance of winning the 2018 World Cup.


This is my reason:


This team is very balanced. This team has many young players.


They have some very brilliant geniuses such as Grizman, Wallane, LLoris, Pogba, Lacazette.


They have potential future stars such as Dembele, Mbappe, Lemar, Rabiot, Mendy, Coman, Bakayoko, Fekir, Tolisso, and Martial, all of which have joined already powerful bands.


They have a talented player named Kandy, who is doing dirty work. Cantís nature is full of vitality, physical strength, not afraid to deal with, always expect to win, protect the back line by doing dirty work, and help maintain the right to control the ball.


If they did not learn from the final defeat of the European Championships, it would only be a disadvantage.

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Another favorite is Germany. They have a young , experienced band. They need Kroos, Reus, Gotze, Schurrle, Muller, Ozil, Hummels and others. Boateng, Novard to show them. They also have Ter Stegen, Werner, Goretzka, Wagner, Can, Draxler, Rudiger, Kimmich, Howedes, Sule and Sane. They are all excellent and want to get good results. The only weakness in Germany may be their lack of progress, and this is where Warner, Stendel and Wagner must strengthen.



 Fifa wc 2010 winners are again in winners race of Fifa wc 2018.

Spain is also my favorite. They have a good balance between young and experienced people. They will trade in David Silva, Isco, Ascencio, Busquets, Cook, De Jia, Ramos. Morata needs goals. I would say that they must choose Azpilicueta to leave Alba again because of Alba’s recent struggle.




Belgium has a golden generation of players. Players like Lucaco, Cortois, Patchway, Hazard, Company, Verteggen, Aldoerwald and De Bruin performed well in their clubs. The biggest problem is that they can perform on the big stage. Belgium has a strong lineup (making it my favorite), but lack of experience may be a step backwards.

Belgium has one of the most dangerous young players in the cup race.




Brazil is always a competitor. Neymar is in their ranks and they have a source of goals. There are William, Coutinho, Silva, Marcelo and others. Alves must be watching. They also have a young Brazilian striker who has great potential. Neymar is in top 3 favourite players of football wc.

Brazil will once again become a popular candidate for the World Cup in the summer, but what will the Tate team look like?

Brazil qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia without any difficulties, but if they want to win the sixth cup, there is still a long way to go.

The tie was more friendly with Selecao . They were competing for the finals with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia, and Tate would have confidence to secure fourth place in the country in 2014.

The former Corinthian coach’s mission has been to inject the Brazilian national team , with innovative results since taking office in 2016, and has been very successful in this regard, but the World Cup has given him the best chance.

The goal looked at his team , before the biggest test in the summer.

On the plane.

Neymar of Brazil,

The first XI of Tite was originally selected.

The Brazilians reached a settlement with a group of players.During the World Cup qualifiers and got a steady return.

Brazil is the first place in the CONMEBOL qualification group, reaching 10 points, and was the first person to book a job in Russia , has already secured their team at their base in Sochi in the coming months.

Tate told Uol Esporte: “Part of my list is still open, but another part has been closed.” “The two closed clubs and Selecao have shown consistent names – they have been confirmed and done well.”

Manchester City goalkeeper Allison Baker and Ellison will fight in the first place, although the first team is likely to be chosen. The 25-year-old has become the best player in Serie A this season and is the last choice between Tite.

Paris-Saint-Germain’s Danny Alves and Markis have achieved great results in the first season of the French league, and all will go to Russia, and their colleague Tiago Silva will go to Russia. Team.

Despite being seriously hurt, Neymar will form the PSG group of four people to participate.

The 26-year-old foot injury , has caused panic among Brazilians, although his recent surgery has been positively attributed to fitness coach Fabio Marcel Jean, and his recovery is likely to affect his national team. World Cup success.

Philippe Coutinho and his former colleague Roberto Fermino , will be part of the fray, and in the rest of the Premier League, William’s brilliant performance against Chelsea will make him a big contender.

Manchester City’s duo Fernandinho and Gabriel Jesse were ranked in the top five Brazilians in terms of playing time in 2017 and were included in the Tate list. The city team scored seven goals in the qualifiers, the same as Messi, Alexis Sanchez and Felipe Cassido, and only Ewensen Kwani was beaten.

Elsewhere, Real Madrid’s Miranda and Marcelo defenders will all be injured on board, and will also include teammate Blanco Casero. The midfielder ,has once again become the mainstay of the Spanish capital this season, and Zinedine Zidane has placed him between the center of Tonicos and Luca Modric.

The revival of Barcelona midfielder , Paulinho in the Spanish league ensured his position on the plane, while his performance also entered the national team – as the Spurs ended the match with six strokes, the same as Neymar. .

The last player to officially make the Tite list is Renato Augusto. Former Leverkusen and Beijing China Guoan achieved two seasons of success in the Chinese Premier League and became a member of the Selecao team and won the 2016 gold medal.

A possible option.

Douglas Costa Brazil

Although Danilo’s , move to Manchester City in the summer was positive, the former Real Madrid keeper missed an important season of the English Premier League because of injury. Brazilian executives were ignored by Danilo from June 2016 to May 2017  , when he was chosen as an alternative to Brazil against Bolivia.


Juventus defender Alex Sandro may be very desirable in Europe, but his international career is far from successful. Sandro completed his first appearance in Brazil in 2011, but his name had only 10 buildings in the summer. However, Tate was chosen by many times and is likely to be chosen in Juventus by Juventus.

Juventus teammate Douglas Susta shouted loudly, although his country has not played in a competitive match since Peru beat Peru 2-0 in late 2016.

Since Tyson was traded on the international stage in 2016, Tate’s Shaktar team has been included in his team’s 10-times racer and has given him five games. If he is healthy, he is likely to be a 30-year-old member of the team heading to Russia.



 May be 2014 wc Runner up, can again qualify , not for finals at least for , semi finals in Fifa wc 2018. Argentina is one of most popular team for Fifa wc 2018. Lionel Messi side can disturb any opponent in Fifa wc 2018

The terrible attacks of the Argentine team from Messi, Di Maria, Dibala, Higuain, and Aguero can be prolific in their day. The truth is that they have Messi to take on Argentina alone.


Yes, I think Argentina have a chance to win, but I do not think they will. They must at least enter the semi-finals. This side mostly rely on messi.

So far, we have barely seen the two players play together, but when you are a manager, you certainly do not want such genius as Debala to sit on the bench, just because his style of play is similar to Messi.


The road to the World Cup is a bit catastrophic for Argentina, but it does not necessarily rule it out. In fact, they still like to put their hands on the cup.

In this photo, let’s take a look at the formation of the most powerful Alberists in the World Cup:


Goalkeepers and guards


Romero is a prestigious goalkeeper, but Raleigh is expected to be the first choice


Sampaoli can choose Sergio Romero and Geronimo Roli to defend this goal. Romero is more experienced than the latter, but Raleigh has performed even better in recent seasons. Therefore, Raleigh may be more popular than the hole between the sticks because of his superb skills on the ball and his sharp thorn reflexes.

At the same time, Argentina’s defense is often questioned. There must be differences in the quality level of defenders and attackers in this regard. However, they have many good players to choose from. However, their trio of walls will consist of Ezequiel Garay, Nicolas Otamendi and Marcos Rojo.


Otamendi has achieved an impressive success rate (60%) in the English Premier League this season. He is often seen as playing a long time ball with his team around Pep Guardiola, so he can expect to do the same for the team.


On the other hand, although Rojo only played in 7 games with Manchester United, he had an incredible 100% success rate in making his proposal. At the same time, Gareth can be used to force his body. It is also very strong in the air.


In essence, this defensive line will be full of aggression and physics – it is strong if Argentina needs to ask it to be serious, calling for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

German Bezilla and Federico Fazio , can be a good choice for Sampoli.






There are some excellent players in Portugal, such as Bernardo Silva, André Silva, Adrian Silva, and William Carvalho. His day can shine. They also have senior players such as Pepe, Nani, and Patricio who will actively work well. They also have Ronaldo, who is always trying to climb, new heights and show him the best business. Portugal has some unknown players but can give anyone a game in their day.


Saudi Arabia

Thanks Bert van Marwijk for bringing them to , the first World Cup in 12 years and spoke immediately with the Dutch, negotiating the rupture of the new contract because , he believes he has not spent enough time in his homeland. This means that they lost at the 2010 World Cup finals in the Netherlands – to take on the championship next year, where Argentine coach Edgardo Bauza trains his team in Group B with his opponents in the UAE, will lead them to Russia. They did well in the Australian automatic qualifiers, but unless important players such as Mohamed El Sawy are promoted, it is difficult for them to have a lot of influence.


 Salah contributed to Liverpool in Ucl. Why he cant for Egypt in Fifa wc 2018. Salah is hopeful for his team. He can bring Fifa wc trophy to Egypt. He will be one of key player in Fifa wc 2018 . He is incredible . He can put his team , to get into the knockout stages in Fifa wc 2018. He will be one of most eye catcher player in Fifa wc 2018. There is no doubt in his skills. He will smash the opponents in Fifa wc 2018

After incredible story of Egypt , qualification for the World Cup for the first time since 1990. Baggage of good news may not stop here. Hector Chopper’s team in the African Nations Cup, where they finished the runner-up against Cameroon, showed that they knew their way around major tournaments and that in Mohamed Salah they had students who could decide on a tense game against anyone. They have considerable spinal experience, great motivation and immediate goals – Argentine drivers have been asked to participate in Round 16 . If they can take the lead against those who are deteriorating, they should not be outside.



England will not win the 2018 World Cup, because their current players are not good enough. The EPL has many foreign players who perform well in the league for a reason – England does not have enough top football players at all. David Beckham finishes. Rooney will be very old in 2018.





 Iran is one of my favourite , for Fifa wc 2018 Persians can win Fifa wc 2018 due to their passion for Fifa wc 2018 but i cant trust on this side to much for Fifa wc 2018 trophy but this side is not less than other Fifa wc 2018 sides. This Persian team is dreaming to win Fifa wc 2018 may be persian wolfs get success in winning Fifa wc 2018. Am supporting this site there are to many reasons one of them for supporting this side in Fifa wc 2018 is that Persia is my neightbour country thats why am supporting Iran in Fifa wc 2018 may be this team get success to let Fifa wc 2018 trophy in Asia but this team have not too much ability to win Fifa wc 2018 but i bet this team is worthy for Fifa wc 2018 am sure that this team can win Fifa wc 2018 and stats does not matter. for Persia in winning Fifa wc 2018. Hope Iran will win Fifa wc 2018. 

Iran has a way to play, making its opponent’s life spectacular. We saw in the 2014 World Cup that we will see again among the same managers and many of the same players who still exist, including Jalal Husseini’s Rocky Center.


Unfortunately for them, they went up to these players with players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco and David Silva, who were the kind you wanted when facing the low ball. It is the type of broken wall.


Will not stop or incite Milly’s belief, but they are opposed here.


Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia


The second field in group E (behind Brazil) is very interesting and difficult to predict at this stage.


Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia feel that their power is similar, so it is likely to fall to those who have the advantage. In this case, the Swiss team does not expect – they lack the real and consistent threat of registration, and therefore may be late.


These are my favorites, but remember, the European Cup Portugal won the championship in 2016 and until the 2004 European Cup, Greece won enough championships, which made the game very attractive.

The Favourite teams for Fifa wc 2018 in my closest opinion are France , Germany , Spain , England , Portugal , Brazil , Argentina , Egypt and Switzerland you can also comment your favourite for Fifa wc 2018. Well lets wait and watch who will win Fifa wc 2018. Any team can win Fifa wc 2018 if your wishes are with them so wish for your team to win Fifa wc 2018. Stay blessed and support your team to win Fifa wc 2018.

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