5 of their very real lessons that drama serial ‘Khaani’ taught us!   


Real lessons that drama serial ‘Khaani’ taught us!

drama serial Khaani episode
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It goes without mentioning that Khaan-ians are hooked on the play from its beginning to the point that anything takes place in the drama will affect the viewer’s disposition. Khaani includes lots of inherent powerful messages for the viewers to become open-minded of and learn from. Listed below are the top five things that we consider Khaani has educated us through its scenes, dialogues and vibrant narratives up to now!

What goes around comes around:

Mir Hadi Khaani
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The core character of this drama is about the functions of Karma. Mir Hadi killed Khaani’s brother Saarim from immediate anger and he took pride in the fact he had the ability to kill somebody. Little did he know he’d fall hopelessly in love with Khaani and he’d get in return would be enormous pain and tears of guilt. Every second of our life is God’s strategy and nobody leaves this world without paying for their sins. For that reason, it may be safely deduced that Khaani has educated its followers to become meticulous in their activities, and it’s reinforced the belief that whatever goes around comes around regardless of what we can do to protect ourselves.

Do not let your fears govern your decisions:

khaani drama scene
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The actress Sanam Khan, Khaani along with the metamorphosis within her character from a pigeon hearted woman to some daring unbeatable woman is still another positive idea evoked from the hit play’s plotline. From the first couple of episodes, Khaani was depicted as a helpless woman who’d always let her anxieties and inhibitions restrain her. How she had been revealed facing the murderers of her brother, into fighting hardship, being the breadwinner of her family in addition to becoming married to Arham. Every shift in Khaani has instructed us that we should not allow our fears and negative thoughts get the very best of our feelings. We should take charge of our own lives such as Khaani and create the most out of adverse changes in our own lives by making up potential solutions.


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“Jo jhukta nahin wo toot jata hai”:

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This is only one of numerous dialogues of Khaani that is becoming notoriously famous amongst followers and fans. It had been re-shared on Twitter at a fan frenzy. Hats off to the manager Anjum Shehzad who implemented the brilliant scene where Mir Hadi states “Mir Hadi ko Kisi se maangne ki zaroorat Nahi hai Mithal. Mujhe jo chahye wo tou primary khud Hasil Karta hoon” to which a peculiar woman walks around Mir Hadi and states “Jo Jhukta Nahi hai Wo Toot Jata Hai”, leaving arrogant Mir Hadi at a bewildering condition of hardship.

The dialog is pertaining to this simple fact that we must not allow our pride and ego get in the method of seeking God’s help in fulfilling our needs. Ego and bias can get in the way of their bond and interaction with God that can just break us.

Don’t let your anger take you down with it:

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The hot ferocious and headed Hadi is now revealed suffering the worse consequences of the short-temper. He may have returned after murdering Saarim when he lost his cool, but he will forever stay in the psychological imprisonment his attitude has set him. The message is very self-explanatory. NEVER allow your anger control your activities as all you can do is throw yourself in an eternal despair of sorrow such as Mir Hadi.

Don’t encourage your kids to do wrong:

khaani sad sccene
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This is exclusively for your parents using powerful and rich backgrounds. We are apt to fuel the aggression and self in our children by providing them the leverage to make mistakes that hurt others. We guarantee them that they’re right if we understand they’re absolutely wrong and faulty.

mir hadi dialogue
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Kids like Mir Hadi become barbaric instead. Their whole lives are destroyed at the cost of governmental and materialistic profits of the own families. The final scene of incident 21 perfectly articulated this message. Mir Shah tries to justify Hadi’s reduction of Khaani by stating “Hadi wo tumharey qaabil thi that he nai” to which a sorrowful Mir Hadi answers while breaking down in tears;

“No. You are wrong. Main us kay qaabil nahi tha. Apko pata hai iss sach main mazeed karwa kya hai? Kay isay ap logon nay banaya hai karwa”- Hadi

So what do you think? Have you come across these messages while watching your favorite drama Khaani? COMMENT BELOW ☺

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