Dajjal in Islam | Prophet Muhammad Hadiths about Dajjal

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In Islam, there is a first and for most strong believe is that there is no God except ALLAH. All the creators on earth, the whole universe is made by HIM and HE is the only one superior of all. And Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W is HIS last prophet as no one will come after him for the guidance to the right path. Our great prophet had discussed it several times about a False Massiah who is formally known as “Dajjal” in Islam. A person who will misguide the people of Islam. People who believe in Allah and His prophet.

According to the hints, He will come in front of the world before the day of judgment. His arrival is also stated in many other religious books. Even the meaning of its name in Arabic is “Deception”.

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Dajjal Looks and Appearance:  

Our prophet stated it very clear that how the evil person Dajjal will look like. He said that he will be blind with one eye; the color of his skin will be like Reddy-white, wide neck, prominent forehead, short in height, he will be too powerful. For him walking will be easy but not like a normal human being because he will be having a hunch in his back. He will not be having the ability to make children, his hair will look like snakes on the skull, and lastly most important, he will be having a word written between his eyebrows as “KAFIR”. But it could only be seen by people of ALLAH only while others cannot see it.


Dajjal Island:

The Blessed Holy Prophet said about the Dajjal in this famous hadith “….he is in the East, he is in East, he is in the East”, meaning that he is East of Taybah or Madinah.

Reported by Anas Bin Malik that Holy Prophet (SAW) said,

“Al Dajjal will come and encamp at a place close to Medina will shake thrice whereupon every Kafir and hypocrite will go towards him”.                                                                                                                     (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

According to the above two Hadiths, it is somehow proved that Dajjal will come from the surroundings of Madina. The city of worshippers, the home of Kabba. But it is also stated that the security of the religious and pure place is handed to the angels.

Abu Huraira reported that Holy Prophet (SAW) said,

“There are angels guarding the entrance of Medina. Neither Plague nor Dajjal would be able to enter it”                                                                                                                                                                     (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

Hadiths on Dajjal:

There are many hadiths that are proving it true that Dajjal will rule it once and that time will be worse.

Hadhrat Imraan son of Hussain relates that “I heard the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam saying: “Since the birth of Adam till the advent of Qiyaamah there is no fitnah (evil, test) much greater than that of the Dajjal.”

It is said that the ruling time period of Dajjal will be 40 days at which 1 day will seem like a year, the second day as a month; the third as the week and the remaining will pass so on. And at this total, the ruling period will be 14 months and 14 days.

Signs of Dajjal Arrival:


There are many signs that we said are seen for the judgment day but before that, the signs for the arrival of Dajjal is also seen nowadays. It is ashamed and fearing that Islamic countries are now no more the countries of religion. And therefore, the below-written signs are seen:

  • Slave woman gives birth to her mistress
  • People having sex in public
  • Mosques will be decorated
  • Trust, worthiness will disappear
  • Increase in Harj (killing, and not knowing why)
  • Increase in use of Riba (no one will escape the dust of Riba)
  • A person will pass by a grave and wish he was there
  • Increase in Musical Instruments (And People will insist it is lawful)
  • Increase in sexual promiscuity
  • Women will be naked despite being dressed
  • Worst and most evil ignorant people will become leaders
  • Men will wear silk
  • Keep the hold on to Deen will be like holding on to a hot coal
  • 2 Muslim factions will fight each other
  • Knowledge will be taken away
  • Wine/intoxicants consumed in large quantities
  • Earthquakes will increase
  • Earning haram or halal will not matter
  • Increase in idolatry and other forms of shirk

End of Dajjal:

But as it is stated that HAR AROOJ KO ZAWAL ATA HAI and maybe, it will same happen with Dajjal also. He can rule the world with his powers and fear but after above all there is only ALLAH and his prophets and no one can stay over it. At last the evil will get vanish by Hazrat Isa (A.S).

“Then, the son of Mary will go in pursuit of the Dajjal, and will overtake him at the gate of Lud (a city 13 miles east of Tel Aviv, Israel), and will kill him.”                                                                                       -Sahih Muslim

Therefore, after this, it is clear that Hazrat Isa will kill Dajjal and drag him to his end.

We pray to Allah Almighty that he always keep us all under His supervision and protection.

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