Maryam Nawaz Corruption of 72 million dollars


“A society can resist the heavy bombardment but can’t survive with the corruption.” These are the famous words of an opposition leader of Pakistan. You can discover the truth in these words only if you are keeping an eye on corruption issues in Pakistan where demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins are being held across the country against the corruption and ruling family is in the courts to justify the allegations.Here is the post about the Maryam Nawaz Corruption of 72 million dollars.

Maryam Nawaz corruption

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Maryam Nawaz- PM in the Waiting?-Maryam Nawaz Corruption

Southern Asia is a rich land when it comes down to the role of women in mainstream politics. Indira Gandhi, Mohterma Benazir Bhutto, Sheikh Haseena Wajid, Khalida Zia, Sonia Gandhi and now Maryam Nawaz are the names that can be taken in this regard. They all come from ruling elites but make their own identity too. Although they all had been alleged with corruption charges in their respective ruling times, however, Mrs. Maryam Nawaz is quite unique in given circumstances. She never holds a parliament cabinet (officially) nor has she ever been elected to any national or provisional assembly.

Her only qualification is, she is elder daughter of 3rd time Pakistan premier Miyan Nawaz Sharif. However, still, she chairs the meetings based on purely core national issues. Also, she was designated as Chairperson in a controversial ‘Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Program’ (Later de-seated by the High Court on behalf of PTI’s petition). Many political pundits were thinking that she will be the prime minister of Pakistan in coming future and that was not that wrong if Panama Leaks didn’t arrive.

Maryam Nawaz Role in Panama Leaks

Panama Leaks came out as the blessing in disguise for Pakistani nation and the real face of Sharif family came in front of the people of Pakistan. According to the leaks, Sharif family was involved in tax evasion, money laundering and looting of public money. Because of this, they owned billions of dollars assets outside the country and Maryam Nawaz has a key role in all these fraudulent activities.

However, they never accepted the charges against them and they denied it on every forum. In this regard, a TV interview of Maryam Nawaz is on the record in which she is saying “I, nor my family has any property outside Pakistan nor Inside Pakistan. I don’t know from where they (opposition & media) bring it on?”

Even now, after a clear-cut historical judgment from Supreme Court of Pakistan, They’re still asking “MUJHE KEON NIKALA?” Interestingly, the opposition came up with a relatively factual slogan in which they are saying “SARA TABBAR CHOR HAI.”

Maryam Nawaz- Apart from Panama Leaks – Maryam Nawaz Corruption

As we all know about Panama Leaks findings, Maryam Nawaz name is also circulating in several other corruption charges in local and international media. Among these stories, $70 million corruption charges are very much in the headlines nowadays.

Maryam Nawaz with Michelle Obama in White House
Maryam Nawaz with Michelle Obama in White House

According to the media,  story based on the $70 million (Rs. 700 billion)  funds which were handed over to Maryam Nawaz by Michelle Obama, (Ex-First Lady of the United States) for the education of girls in the country.

Sources reported that on July 3, 2016, Maryam Nawaz and Michelle Obama met in “White House”. They launched “Let the Girls Learn” program to expand the opportunities for education for the girls in Pakistan.

A petition has served in Sindh High Court (SHC) and been accepted by the court for further proceedings.

$70M Corruption Charges Against Maryam Nawaz
$70M Corruption Charges Against Maryam Nawaz

During the hearing, petitioner told that Michelle Obama gave $70 million to Maryam Nawaz for the education of children in Pakistan. However, till now, no one knows where this money went. In the application, Petitioner further requested the court to order NAB (National Accountability Bureau) to probe the matter.

The deputy attorney general told the press that they are waiting for the reply from federal departments in this regard. Court adjourned the proceedings till 16th of October on this note.

Complete Story of Panama Leaks Case in Pakistan


Such Maryam Nawaz Corruption charges indicate that how this elite class is treating the common men. Maryam Nawaz may not be able to be Prime Minister of Pakistan, as SC is taking them with iron hands. But still, it is our responsibility to choose our leaders wisely.

Pakistan is a rich country as per natural resources and manpower are concerned. But because of such huge corruption, still, more than 60% of people are living their lives below poverty line.

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